Beer Stranger

Posted: November 16, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

After spending 3 days alone cockroach and mosquito yesterday I got some human company. Yeah chick is back from home. Guess what she bought for me from home?? Nothing. She came as she went. When I asked her about it she gave me one of her seducing smile and said “I came and I bought my dirty clothes if you are willing you can wash them”. I stood there watching her speechless and wondering how come she is giving me those weird answers. May be she have come under influence of bad people. But most of the time she spends with me. I don’t think so she is influenced by me….

Yesterday when chick was about to lock the main door “The boxer Hero” comes and says “Be careful have found some beer bottler behind the house. So if you hear some noises do not hesitate to call me”. (What that “Boxer Hero” can do??He knows only to flaunt his boxers and hold the stethoscope).

Chick came running to the room and told me the whole story. Then she said” Man who will do this?”I said this is a city babes ,people are crazy they can do anything. There are lunatic people all over. Then I told her the real incident. My few friends stay together in 1 BHK house far away from our PG. The building they stay is near to the main road. When they wash their clothes and put it out for hot sun, their undie’s used to disappear. So far they lost 10 of them but they couldn’t catch the Undie robber. When Chick heard this she was more scared. After some time she stood in front of me and said”I know you are scaring me. Tell me honestly you had the beer when I went home and kept the bottles there?” I looked straight in to her eyes and said “NAAAA!I don’t like the beer ,Its taste is yak. If I had also I am not so dumb to keep the evidence. She seems to be satisfied with my answer. Even I was scared because I sleep near the window and there is possibility of a human hand coming through that half dead window. When I imagined that I saw myself running in my ¾ nighty and screaming. Because of the nighty the scene look bit weird. You see I am very particular about clothes so have decided to wear my night pajamas and bit of lip gloss.

Yesterday I said Hail Mary (prayer) 100 times and told Mother Mary to give strength to me to fight this Beer Stanger. Among me and Chick I do all the guy thing so I have to be ready to face the intruder. When I came to know about rat’s existence in our room I had kept one stick behind the door and obviously i killed it without mercy. Now time has come to keep the sickle and iron rod. God save the “Beer Stranger” who still dont know he messing up with the wrong person.

  1. Chandini says:

    knock! knock!! 😉


  2. dramahater says:

    my god!!! u shud work in K serials… drama… once has to learn from u..
    n we live in 2BHK.. n more than 10 undies are lost…come n will give u exact stats so u can write the number n color n size of them on ur blogss!!!


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