Everything Is Heaven With your Best Buddy

Posted: November 17, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

People say copying for the exam is not good. But what else a lazy student can do other than coping???Some copy from book while others from their micro mini chit and few from others paper. Some gals draw hearts diagram in their uniform while boys tear the test book page. I have seen all this. And I fall in to the category “Copy from book or others paper”.

I never used to study for class tests when I was doing my bachelors. But for the annual exam I was studying like a moron. I used to act like a psychic person. People wear scared to talk to me in the exam season. I still remember the day when for the first time my lecturer caught me while copying. Day is still fresh like Lily. It was a value education test. All were studying for the exam like mad but what I was doing????I was reading yeah I was reading. Unfortunately I was reading a book written by Lisa Kleypass (novelist). I was a crazy reader those days. Bell rang all entered the class rom. Loly was scared because even she was reading novel before the exam. She looked at me with those button eyes I felt pity on her and said” chillax, just remember the story and pick the good values from it ”. I know what values will be there in romantic novel. She said” I have the notes ready in my bag”. I said “Do whatever you want but if Jessie mam comes never even think about touching your bag”. Jessy mam was very smart. She knew all the copying tactics. She also knew that for class test I copy. Once I got 100 in maths for the internals and she asked me “from whose paper you copied?” I wanted to whack her. I controlled my temper and said “From my brain” and she giggled for my PJ

 I took the paper and started copying from Vindi’s paper and Loly’s was copying from my paper. Questions were all general but still we were copying. Jessy called my name twice I just smiled at her. Suddenly Loly acts like hyper active gals and takes out those Xerox notes and says “Copy from those”. I said “Are you mad?” She says “Chill, nothing gonna happen”. I just wrote one sentence when Jessy stood in front of us and asked to give the Xerox notes”. She caught us right hand. She started lecturing us and at the end she said “please go out of the class”. We said sorry and went out. As soon as the exam got over our class mates came and consoled us saying “Come on Syl you know how much she is obsessed with you? Even I was copying but lucky me she is not obsessed with me”.

So far I maintained my policy “Copy but never get caught” but that day Loly contributed to change the Policy. So I had to re write the policy to “Copied many times, caught once with her best friend during Value education Exam”. Even black mark seems to be colorful when your best buddy is there with you.

  1. loly says:

    Thank you very much for tis !!!! Bummmm


  2. Deekshith Shetty says:

    Once I got 100 in maths for the internals and she asked me “from whose paper you copied?” I wanted to whack her. I controlled my temper and said “From my brain”
    —-Nice punchline /// i like it


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