Common Love Stories

Posted: November 18, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

What happens when you face your ex-love, which is married to somebody else????I don’t know because I don’t have past or present love. My SNL study says feelings are mixture of love, hate, pity,….bla bla.

Step1: Both gal and boy madly in love

As the mal functioning of both gal and guys heart they will fall in love with each other. They count all tress in the park, they walk all roads holding each other’s hand, Eat food from all restaurant and talk only about love, love and yeah love.

Step2. Gal parents are not ready to accept her lover boy

Gal says “Sweetie we can’t be together. I don’t wanna go against my parents. For my 2 years love I cant betray my 22 years love”.

 Boy says “Don’t say that. I can do anything for you.. Give me some time to get a job and settle down”.

Gal says”Try to understand baby, Times is the thing which I don’t have. Remember this I will always love you”.

Guy started crying. Tup tup (tear sound). He hugs her and says “don’t leave me. Please sugar, I need you”.

Gal wipes his tears and says “Don’t cry baby” and then kisses” Humm” (kiss sound) on his forehead.

Gal started walking and guy stands there watching gals disappearing figure.

Step3: Gal gets married

Gal all excited to marry a guy in US. Sends invitation to her so called ex-boyfriend. Guy sees the invitation remembers the venue and date and tears it and dumps in to dustbin. Gal shops happily for her wedding and guy started boozing. Guy forces his friends to listen to his “sad ending love story” at least 10 times. Guy’s friends curse the gal and booze with the guy and console him telling their love stories.

Step4: Gal updates honey moon pics in FB

Gal uploads her happily smiling wedding pics in FB. She never forgets to upload her honey moon pic in FB with title “Me with my better half”. Guy sees the pics and says “&*%$#”, his friends sees the pics and says “looks like big shot, lucky &*%$#”. Guy gets angry and says “dude mind your tongue”. Guy’s friends stare at each other

Step5: Gal and guy run into each other

Guy stare at her and gal try to escape his poking eyes.

Guy says “How are you”

Gal says “Good and you?”

Guy says “Good. Do you love him?”

Gal says “Yes. He is a good man”

Guy thinks “Such a liar” and says “I am happy for you. Gotta go c ya”

Gal stands there watching guys disappearing broad back.

Guy think “She looks like aunty”.

 Step 6(Last step): Guy gets married

Guy gets married and uploads wedding pics in FB. Gal feels jealous and comments “Congrats”. Guy’s wife sees the comment and says “who is this woman”. Guy chuckles and says “One of my classmate honey she is big time looser”.

If your love story has a happy ending then be happy .I love happy endings.If you love story is similar to this then its time you move.

 Weekend is here

Why you fear

Chill out with  you person mere

with chicken barbeque and beer





  1. Vandy says:

    Awesome Syl, I just loved it!


  2. shilpa says:

    Too Good…


  3. Anson says:

    LOL… Good one Sylvia… 😛


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