Guys Guys and Guys!

Posted: November 24, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I am really tired of this monotonous life. Morning get up run, slog, evening again run to catch the bus. Slogging and all is ok but I can’t understand why when a gal runs all guys stand and watch no matter what. Other day I was late for office and I was running to catch the bus. People standing in the bus stop started watching me with curious eyes. I felt even famous athlete wont get such curious gaze while running. I reduced my speed and started to curse all losers who were watching me. Just wonder whether gal looks more pretty and attractive than while she is standing or walking. Most of the time I don’t even try to understand guys lame logic.

Guys do have their meantlity, their point of view which nobody can understand.

For eg: they smoke after peeing, they smoke after having food. If you are not guy never even think about their logic. All guys are not same. Some are cute, some are handsome, some are macho, and some are “like gals”.

What are the points that make guys different than gals

  1. They don’t cry for silly things. Actually they never cry in public especially in front of women, female insects in one word they hide their precious tears from female species.
  2. They don’t gossip like gals. They just listen and analyze when women are talking.  They know arguing with women is waste. After all no one can beat women in arguing. So when guys are there with their best buddies are there they tell their view points.
  3.  They always have their secret dream gals. May be neighbor aunties daughter or gals sits in the second seat or cute high school gal who flaunt her legs in her micro mini skirt or may be neighbor aunty whose husband is bald and ugly. Boy their secret dream gals are always secret
  4. They admire what they like. It can be bike with good body or fancy car or it also can be neighbor guy cute wife
  5. They hate emotional talk. When their best buddies gf ditches him they just say “dude time to booze”
  6. They love to spend on which they like and which makes them happy. It can be their gf, dog or their brand new bike
  7. They love to flaunt what they have. It can be their Sizzling hot gf or fully waxed chest.
  8. Even they are committed they still love to watch colorful birds
  9. When they are angry they rarely use their tongue. Most of the job is done by furious eyes, hardening  jaws, tightly held fist and their raising chest
  10. When they are high they use bad words to scold their Hitler like dad and moron like mother-in-law
  11. When they are with gal and some stranger starts to stare at the gal then god save the stranger. They scold him and say “dada ya ponnu joklen thuthigana? Muji kasidaye(tulu language-Never seen any gal before? Third class jerk)

 Those are the points I noticed about guys. May be I missed out here and there. But whatever I have written is 100% correct. Now don’t tell “Write about gals”. Gals are more predictable and can understand their logic. I know gals are  silly but without them life is silly.

  1. shilpa says:

    Agrees Agreessss!! How true!!


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