SNL’s point of view on “MARRIAGE”

Posted: November 25, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Everyone have to marry one day. Chick is getting married on Jan 16th and I am getting married on…I don’t know. Date is not fixed; important thing is i still didn’t find my prince charming. Wonder there exists and prince with charm. Chick gonna vacant the room very soon and after that I will be all alone. I will miss her badly. When I think about it I feel sick.

Some thoughts kept my brain busy thinking and I got a topic to write. When you get marry to the right person then you are in heaven with lots of benefits. But if you marry the wrong person then life will be surely hell and life will be disaster.

When you get married this happens when you stay with your better half somewhere far away from your house

.You will get unconditional love

.License to do gingalala. Now don’t ask me what is ginagalala like a small kid

.You will get a free roommate. No need to worry about that. Expense will be shared among you both(if you are lucky)

.You can kiss or hold hand in public. Nobody can point out. I know married couple never does this because they will be having their own tension

.Once in a while in-laws visit.  Cook for them, wash their clothes, make them happy else complaint box will be ready, literally you will be a slave for a while (this is actually a disadvantage)

.Ego clashes, free arguments and utensils cluttering and some bruises here and there

.Monthly reminder from parent s about the baby. While you still try to adjust with your new roommate they expect you to have third roommate

.Rotting in long queues in super market and shopping malls. Husband wait outside ladies trail room with the poking other ladies gaze and wife wait outside men’s trail room with admiring other guys gaze

.When you visit your in law take lots of gifts and act like a saint no matter how evil you are. If they say its white even though its peach you have to agree with them like a dumb cow. Listen to their lifeless tails.

.Increase your memory capacity by inserting one more hard disk inside your CPU to remember dozens of new bdays. If you miss any of the bday Boy you are dead.

.cuddling, care, protection , comments and compliments will be always ready from your better half

.Share the bed, blanket,  pillow, bath towel, password and messages. Privacy will be gone with the wind

.Be responsible, mature, broad minded. You will defiantly miss the college days

.Focus only on one thing “better half”, “better half” and only “better half”

These are the points which I observed in married couple. May be I missed out few things due to my lack of experience. Bachelors say ” it’s fun to be married”. Just wonder what married people have to say


  1. loly says:

    Ms.Sylvia Navina Lobo… whomever u r gettin married marriied.. whenever.. make him read him red all of ur blogs.. especially written bout marriage 🙂 🙂 so he knowa..wat exactly to be done 🙂


  2. lyuba says:

    Before u meet or date any guy please send your Blog link to him… if he reads all this and is ready for a date with you…then you should marry him… he will be the right guy for u 🙂


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