License To KILL

Posted: November 28, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

James Bond had License to kill now even I got License to kill. Only difference is he used to kill human and I kill helpless RAT.

Weekend I was rotting on Lolys place. We watched some movies, had some yammy food. Saturday noon celebrated our senior group member “Chinna,s” bday and Saturday night celebrated Akki’s bady. I don’t know what people were doing I was busy eating the cake. When my tummy was full I posed for the pics and slept. After coming back from mass on sunday we were watching movie when Loly saw some creature. Loly started closing kitchen door. Even though my specs were on I couldn’t see anything not even tail. Computer really spoilt my eyes. We shifted the box in which rat was hiding to the gallery. As usually I was ready with the stick while Loly stood 2 km away. She was observing my every minute. Guess she was ready to run if she sees the rat. When I took few books I was able to spot the rat. Tup Tup tup, three shots and rat was dead. It was a baby rat I felt nothing. I still have my brand new half eaten stoles. I cursed the rat and put his dead body in the dustbin

Loly was relaxed. Boy!!! she forgot to picture me as big warrior. How I wanted to listen to some praising words. My head was eager to get those horns but Loly disappointed me. We continued watching the movie when a super idea crossed m mind .I can take Supari (contract) to kill the rats. I can charge 100rs per rat. Idea sounds super cool. All I need is little bit publicity:).If the business blooms i can invite my partner (my dad)

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