Its the same topic Again!!!!!!!!

Posted: November 29, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Today again I gonna write about marriage. Those are following my blog might say “dude she got Marriage phobia”. Yes you are absolutely correct I am suffering from Marriage phobia.

In India people like me who are single and not ready to mingle have to end up with a stranger in arrange marriage .Arrange marriage definition “When two stranger exchange their marital vows in front of strangers to live together it becomes (strange)arrange marriage”. I never wrote such a complicated definition before!!!!.

 If you are the victim of arrange marriage then here are few questions and answers to improve your GK.

How I will identify “my special one”?

Hmm let me think…..Sorry no answer. Experience people say when that special person comes in front of you “butterfly fly in your stomach and heart beat increases”. I suffered from these scenario 1000 times whenever I saw cute guys.

Tip: Never fall for the scholars outdated Gyan .

Can I adjust with His family? (asked by gal)

Especially this question is asked by gal. After all she is the one who leaves her everything and follow the guy. Respect all family members .Try to stay away from in-laws. For few days all adjust but as the time passes all will be having their terms and condition. Poor gal has to suffer.

Tip: Not happy then time to talk to hubby. Even he doesn’t care then babe you married the wrong person. Spank him and say “%%$% you screwed my life”

Gal is the only one has to adjust and sacrifice?

No never. Adjust little bit and see how is it going. If hubby is not adjusting then time to teach him a lesson.

Tip: Never bend like Beckham. Strike in kitchen and …… room

 Is she gonna love me?(Asked by guys)

If you respect her, love her even she will love you. It’s like give and take business if she doesn’t respect you, care for you then Boy you are doomed because you married a daemon.

Tip: Try to understand her but not her friends before marriage.

Can I have my freedom? (Asked by both)

 Till some extent both can have their freedom.

Guy: If you want to have candle light dinner with your female friend then it is not possible

Gal: If you think wearing micro mini skirt you wanna go for a ride with colleague then it is not possible

Tip: Try to understand your role in the play of “marriage”.

Can I still wear my ultra cool clothes? (Asked by gal)

If you are talking about low neck t-shirt or micro mini skirt then answer is big “NO”

If your hubby doesn’t have problem then you are the luckiest person because your husband is really nice

Tip: Try to keep yourself updated with time but within the boundary

In one word marriage changes everything. Life, clothes, and responsibility….and yeah even your FB status. I love to stay as I am but AVL is not ready to keep me by his side for life long. FL says “ I pity the guy whom you gonna marry”. I have heard this dialogue tons of time so it doesn’t make much difference.

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