Its December

Posted: December 2, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

It’s snowing which means its December. Month of cake, Santa Claus, stars and final month with chick. December 27th she is vacating the room and after that I will be alone until somebody comes. Chick informed”Boxer Hero” that she will be vacating the pg in December and when he heard this he was sad. After all he was the one who used to call ”Shhhhhhrrrruthiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”. He expressed his love in his melodious pitch. I never felt sad because he never used his melodious pitch to call my name. It was always “Sylvia” sometimes he used to swallow the”a”. Those who see her falll in love with her .Insects, flies,Street dogs…you name it, and Human beings are the last to fall in love.

2 days are already gone and we are left with 21 days. I will be going home on 23rd and when I come back Chick will be gone. When I think about it I feel sick. From January who will listen to my silly talk, comment on drama, farts and who will click my pics. Oh god why did we grow up (Over acting). She was the one who created the blog for me when she realized I write. Boy!!!! She is a lovely lady indeed.

When I tell this in a low voice she says”Big time drama queen, I know you won’t miss me but my TV”. Actually that’s only half true. I can a buy a new TV but I don’t know how my new pg mate gonna be. When I think about all possible permutation and combination I get goose bumps.

Other day o told about my fear to DBC she said “don’t worry babes Wear a white sari and carry candle and walk in your room in midnight”. Amit had his ideas. He said “Anytime any help you need let me know. My data base is full of “scaring you roomy” ideas”. I just sat there listening to them. Even I can get a real snake from Kinnigoli to scare my new roomy .What if even she has some plans to scare me. One hand from the window in the night and I will wet my bed:(

  1. Nice.. and good for your new roommate.. !


  2. shilpa says:

    have a happy and a joyous december.. And god save ur new roomy!!!


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