Exhausting Weekend

Posted: December 5, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

As expected weekend faded with time while Monday is loaded with work. Now even my name is included in the list “Sacrificed weekend for work“. I sacrificed 3 hours out of which one hour I spent in exploring my blog and changing my FB status. When chick saw my status she commented saying “To change the status you went to office?”

Saturday me and chick decided to shop, eat and shop. We started around 1.00pm from our pg with ATM card and reached back at 9.00Pm with handful of plastic and almost nil bank balance. I was literally exhausted by shopping in between. Then I thought I will sleep in trail room for a while and then start shopping. But “new arrivals” gave me the energy to take the steps. If guys would have come with us then they would have killed us first and then committed suicide. We wanted to shop almost everything but as I had money constraint I whispered in clothes ear “very soon you gonna be in my wardrobe” and cuddled them and left. Many places we had second thoughts but our inner voice which was screaming “Last month shopping together and eating together, go for it” kept us going. I purchased a salvar for Chicks wedding. Before alteration it was falling from my shoulder and after alteration it was not ready to come out of me. Tailor took his anger on the salvar and made it so tight I was barely able to breathe. I had to ask chicks help to full that out of me. When I realized how I gonna miss these moments in future I force myself to cry with emotions but nothing came (sad part).

 For xmas I am going home. I am sure I have to borrow money from my dad for my return ticket. Wonder what lecture he gonna give me this time.

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