My New Office

Posted: December 6, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I am bit enthusiatic as I am working in new office. Now proudly I can say I am working in IT industry. All thinsg are new.My chair,system,dustbin….Just wonder when I will start reparing those things.In the previous office I intersected the mouse more than 3 times.Hope I wont repeat my old habits in my new office.

Earlier my office was near to my PG .Whenever I wanted to pee I used to go to my pg and come back but now its far away. I have to get up early to catch the office cab in the morning.When I got into the cab today I didn’t know what to expect.Journey was smooth but person who was sitting next to me was bit weird.After that I didn’t expect anything good from my new office. When I stepped in to my floor I was speechless. Atlast my bay is at the corner.For last one year I was tired sitting in the passage where every tom-Dick-Harry used to peep in and go.Now I can monitor peoples moment for some extent. Thnak you god.Atlast you opened your ear-drums for my prayer.Love you for that.

Everything is good so far.Only draw back is I have to get up early in the motning and have to travel.Running ot cath the bus scenario still holds good. Hope my enthusiam to work continues for a while and my new things will remain new for a while.

  1. shilpa says:

    Hope u got a warm welcome!!! agree tht dance n songs were missing… couldnt get the artists at the last moment..


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