Posted: December 7, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Clients want to have a video conference with the team at 7.30.When I heard this I almost fainted. When you sacrifice a small thing peoples expectation grows and becomes a big tree. From 2 hours to 2 days and on on…..When I told DBC about the call she said ”dress nicely for the meeting babes, If you need anything let me know, Lip gloss, liner, eye shadow……”. If I apply her dark blue eye shadow and go clients might forget their real question. Next time they might ask in my absence “Where the gal with blue eye shadow?” instead of “ where’s the gal with specs?”

As a tester I already found one defect in the new building. Defect:In ladies toilet there is no rod to hang the shawl. Shawl is really irritatin while… As per now I was able to find only one defect .Must wait and watch what other new defects I am gonna find Office cab is really sick. Its so small that even you cant sit properly. When you sit you can feel the leg moment of the person sitting behind you. I have to get up early to catch that ugly cab which I hate to the core. I started getting heavy workload. Even my life is becoming like typical IT employee leave at 8am in the morning and leave 8pm in the evening. Only to change clothes and have dinner, poop I go to my pg.

I have cows at home. As I don’t like cows I don’t much about them. But I have noticed one thing. Early morning my dad will take them to Jungle and evening he gets them back. I can say my dad is the CEO and cows are his employees. In one word we all are cows. Only difference is we cant shout when we are bugged up. Have happy working day all COWS.

  1. shilpa says:

    Cows are of some use.. But IT ppl r just for slogging!!


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