My long awaited Bday gift

Posted: December 9, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I was busy with my work when I got a call “come and collect your parcel”. I was like “what”. The person on other end said “Mam, You got a parcel can you come and collect it?”.I started to think. I don’t have boy friend then who the heck will courier a gift to my office. When I got into the lift I was smiling yeah I was smiling. But again I had my fear at the back end of my brain .Many of my psycho friends used this kind of pranks to irritate me. I was ready to kill the person if it was a prank. But to my utter astonishment courier guy was there waiting for me. I asked him “who sent” and all he could say is “number ending with 812. Then I checked my contacts and yeah I found that person. It was none other than the gal who is obsessed with me. I was like “PUUUUUUUUU you really are obsessed with me”.

 When I opened the courier I ground this letter “Hi SNL, here comes your long awaited bday gift”. I called her said “Thanks PU, when my next gift is coming?”. She chuckled and said “you never gonna change looser”. And all I could say was “ Life without friends is like a nose without nostrils, tummy without belly button, underpants without elastic….

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