All I could say is “I am not Well”

Posted: December 13, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I was crossing the road and whole world was moving around. All I could do was continue walking. Its better to catch the cab than fainting on the road. I never thought my life gonna be so ……yak. I have fever and some weird symptoms of illness but still I got ready with all of my energy. In movie and all if a gal faints hero will be ready to catch her before her head touches the ground. But if I faint rick will crush my head and will disappear without trace.

When I was waiting for the cab with my pathetic condition I saw a dog. He was left out of the building for a while to attend his nature call. I was fascinated by him. He was running from one end to other. He started barking at the road sweeper. I thought how lucky the dog is at least he doesn’t have to travel to do his job. May be the fever affected my brain and I started to think nonsense. I feel today is not my day I should not have come to office. Hope when I faint my specs won’t break. Because without it I can’t survive

I thought of updating my FB staus to “Not well but still working” but unfortunately they blocked the social site. Life really sucks

  1. shilpa says:

    One game of TT and u wil be fine babe..


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