Respnsibilities, Responsibilities……

Posted: December 14, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

The way my mom hunting for his younger son-in-law ,I am sure in my 6 days of xmas vacation I have to see 6 guys. Gosh why these moms are so adamant. Other day I told my mom that I need some more time and all she said was “Before you celebrate your “2#” bday you have to get married, else you have to join convent. Getting married is not a big deal but getting married to right person is the great deal that my sissy and mom are failing to understand.

Whatever it is my happy days are gone and days with responsibilities are ahead. Get up early in the morning boil the milk, prepare the coffee even though I don’t drink, prepare the breakfast, prepare the Tiffin and run to office. Grab some food on the way to your cabin. Complete your work run to catch the cab. Prepare the dinner which included one curry, one vegetable dry and rice and chapathi. Wash utensils and yourself if you have time and then hit the bed around 11.00 with thoughts “What I have to cook for tomorrow?” I never realized women’s life is so stressful. I feel instead of “Women’s Horlicks” all the women should have tequila shot to boost up the energy.


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