HAppy BDay CHick

Posted: December 15, 2011 in My Silly thoughts
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It was 11.00pm and I was waiting with patience for 12.00pm. Chick was getting calls from her friends at 11.15 and all I could do was pray to god to save my surprise .If she gets up before 12.00 and on the lights she will see the cake and and my surprise will be airless balloon. As I was born in 7 months (common saying used for people who hurry always)I couldn’t sit quietly so to pass the time I kept the cake, flowers ,chocolates ready in their respective places. She was getting the calls back to back and like onake obavva I was disconnecting the call. I kept my fingers crossed and even toes crossed. I didn’t want my surprise to be spoilt at any cost. As this was the last bday which we celebrate in our room I wanted it to be special

At 12 I lighted all the candles and pulled her blanket with the song “Happy bday…..” She got up, giggled and said “thank you. Wait ok, I will pee and come.” I stood there with my empty bladder watching the cake and the candles. When she came back from her nature call she said “I am flattered babes, gonna miss you babes.”Again I started to sing the happy bday song. I am quite famous in signing the bday song because I am the only one who sings it completely.

She cut the cake and I clicked the pic. She got few more calls. Her better half wished her. I asked her “What your janu said?” She said” Nothing much man. He just wished”. I am sure he will be telling in his mind”Hey Lobo this is the last time you are celebrating her bday. Click as many pics you want, feed the whole cake to her I don’t care because from next year I will be the first one to wish her”.  I replied in my mind “Whatever it is nobody understands her better than me” .I laughed thinking about the mind game. Chick asked me “What happened? Why are you laughing?”I said nothing man, You just continue posing for the pic . I went on clicking the pic realizing the fact that how I am gonna miss these moment in future”

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