Every Dog Has Its Own Day & Mine was on Friday

Posted: December 19, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

The work is keeping me so busy that I keep forgetting that xmas is near. I forget to take pee break, I forget to call my dad, I forget to heave head bath in one word I am forgetting everything. I could have forgotten my name but I have written it on all over the walls so many times even partially memory loss cant help me to forget my name.

Friday when I got into cab I was exhausted. As soon as my head hit the seat I started to doze off. It was such a lovely feeling. Driver started the engine when  some employees came running. Unfortunately  one lady who was bit fat sat next to me and I was trying my best to save my self. As soon as she crumbled me she started to talk over phone with someone in Malayalam. This language I will never be able to understand. Whenever people talk in Malayalam my ears can interpret the sentences as “Gulum,gulum….gulum.” As she was disturbing my peace I cursed her and closed my eyes. I increased the volume of my phone and started listening to the songs”. Within few minutes I was dreaming.

Somebody was calling my name. I open my eyes and tried to understand what happening. The lady said”Sylvia, You are not gonna get down in your stop?”. That exact moment I realized that the cab already crossed my stop and was moving in full speed. I got up from my sleep, collected my bag, pulled my top(didn’t wanted to show my undies) and told the driver to stop the cab. After cursing me slowly he stopped the cab. When I got down from the cab I was smiling. Once my friends slept in the cab and got down somewhere else. When he told me about his story I was laughing not knowing his fate gonna be mine one day.

As usual my sissy called me to advise me marriage. She said “get marry this July later I wont get leave”. I replied “I have enough worries to keep me busy don’t wanna add one more to the counter and told her about my “sleeping in the cab” story. When I completed my story she said “sheee you started sleeping in the cab like mom and aunt, only old people sleep in the cab”. I said”What do you mean?”. She said “Obviously you are getting old. Before your hair starts turning in to grey, marry off”. First time I felt that my sissy was right but “where the heck is the guy?”

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