I am really working HARDly

Posted: December 20, 2011 in My Silly thoughts
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I thought of sleeping in the office yesterday when my so called boss told me to work till 8. Yesterday I went to home only to poop and have bath. Has my life become very much mechanic??? Yeah it is. Boss inserts the key and turns it as she wants. All I can do is dance like a puppet and smile. I am sure if this scenario continues I will jump from the top floor. I will make sure when I will jump I will take my boss with me. People from my team will say “good job SNL “.  May be few will keep a memorial for me and sing praises of me

When I work so hard I don’t know whether I will get hike or not but sure I will get free diseases. I lost my eye sight long back. I just wonder what other free gifts I will get from this IT industry. Bosses are impossible to satisfy. You give your 100% but they expect 200% from you and end of the day they screw you. May be they didn’t hear the saying “greed is the cause of all unhappiness”. What actually motivates people to work? Few good words, few praises here and there and obviously bit hike. If all the bosses follow this criteria instead of complaining about the team members I am sure team will look exactly like bright xmas tree. Which is impossible in this life time.  So will just ignore the concept of motivation and work.

What motivates me to work? Empty bank account, new arrivals in the malls, my ever alive taste buds, room rent and at last my so called self respect. Last time when I borrowed money from dad I got free lecture with the money. I just wonder what he has to say if I ask him for money………All I can say is “Why the heck I grew up?”

  1. Samson says:

    So sad…


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