Marriage Haunt My Sleep!!!!!!

Posted: December 21, 2011 in My Silly thoughts
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Last 2 days with Chick and I feel really sad. I got official invitation for Chicks’ wedding. She gave me the invitation and said if you don’t come then gonna sue you. I opened the invitation and saw the date with the fake hope that Year will change to 2013 but to my disappointment nothing happened. With a low voice I said “Will miss you babes”. She said “Will miss you too babes”. I said “Drama queen, Fake acting, I know you are happy”. She said “Dumbo really will miss you”. I said “ I will miss you too,three,4…infinity”. She giggled and said “I bet you will get married by this July”. I said “no ways, I don’t wanna get married in rainy season”. She said ”Worry about the guy than the season”.

I was getting ready .My bro was helping me with the gown which was the 7th wonder. I didn’t see Loly and my gals gang near, I was bit disappointed. My bro was passing some comments on my gown. I was angry but I didn’t say anything. I got a call from my future hubby .With a smile on my face I answered the phone and said “What’s up handsome”. He said “I wont be able to make up to the church”. I was like “What?”. He repeated the same thing again ” I wont be able to make up to the church”. I said “You filthy cockroach, ditched me at the wrong time”. I was so furious that I kicked his imaginary ass on air”. Same moment my alarm rang. I opened my eyes and thank god for being in my house wear. I told Chick about my dream. She laughed for 5 minutes and said “Don’t worry, Scholar said bad dream at the dawn turn out to be good one”. I said “Which scholar said that?”. She said “Don’t know man, have to Google him now”. I said “Do me a favor, when you Google the scholar Do Google the Chicken hearted Cockroach who ditched me”. She said “Thank god you didn’t see the guy in your dream. Else I had to rot in the police station with you for helping in murder case”.

  1. Deekshith Shetty says:

    PApa !!! janu is missing shru/so sad to know …….


  2. Samson says:

    That last minute ditching was like the scene from Hangover (Part 1) where Phil makes this call for his friend…


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