Gone are my lovely days with a LOVELY LADY!!!

Posted: December 22, 2011 in My Silly thoughts
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It was my great pleasure to live almost two years with a lovely lady. Even people used to raise their eyebrows looking at us with wonder”How this ordinary gal with extra ordinary Chick” Chick never gave a damn. She always adored me. Hell tears are filling up my eyes when I think about the happy days. Damn those hormones. Somebody has said “Few things you should leave unsaid”. Chick knows how I feel and I know how she feels. So I decided not to talk anything about farewell, tears, broken heart, empty room, lonely nights…(I had to wipe my glasses…Damn those tears)

Yesterday “Boxer Hero” came to talk about his favorite topic which is “MONEY”. I listened to him, he went on and on. When I couldn’t take it any longer I interrupted him and continued my speech. Boy, he knows only to talk but don’t know to listen. He was telling “I will put two more gals, you broke my fan, my window. In his mind he would have said “Chick broke my heart”. Just wonder how he became a doctor that also heart specialist. I wanted to open his brain and put some chili powder , cook for a while and then feed it to the rats. I wouldn’t have been surprised if those rats also start talking. When he left chick said “Will do Black magic on him and on this Pg, no one will come, you will rock”. I said “Arre babes, If you do shit magic also nothing gonna happen to him. He has the capacity to shut ghost’s mouth also”.

I am searching for a roommate. As I don’t have license to get a guy as a roommate I am searching for gals. When I told this problem to my sissy she said “I will tell you one thing, say yes and I will get nice proposals. You will get house with roommate a”. Do I need to sacrifice my freedom??? After marriage ladies don’t have any freedom in reality they don’t have life. I started to think. Finally I came to a conclusion “Its time that I get marry”. I told my sis”I am ready start searching a groom for me”. She chuckled and said “First redefine your requirements, with your original requirements you cant even dream about getting guys leg”. I thought I have to compromise a lot in my future

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