Tears,Tears and more Tears

Posted: December 24, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I had decided not to weep when I leave the pg yesterday but I didn’t know that my hormones will give up at the right time. When I reached the pg it was already late. I just rushed into the room not knowing yellow rose, 2 gifts ,dark chocolates and a cute letter is waiting for me to get my attention. I just started reading the letter. I felt tears running down my cheek. Oh gosh I hated crying in front of my best buddies. As expected we both were crying. Piece of paper was a just summary. I said “I decided not to cry but  ….”. Chick said “I knew it you wont cry that’s why I wrote a letter. I can write complicated code but writing a letter id a tough job for me but I gave my best shot. Many things are unsaid, I know it will be better that way”. I just shook my head. I stopped crying for a while but when I saw her red eyes my eyes gave up. In that sentimental scene also my dad was disturbing by calling me to ask ”where I am and what time is your bus….”.

We hugged each other and again cried. I said “I will read your letter in the bus”. She said “will miss you man”. I lost the count of “I miss you too” .I got in to the bus and started reading the letter. I started to cry again. As I had to mute my crying sound it was bit difficult. I messaged to Chick saying “Crying man. Read your letter again”. Chick replied “even I am crying”. I just looked out of the window in to the smoky dark night and thought “Wish I could hold on to this moment forever”.

  1. wow writer! few lines but they had something in them!


  2. Deekshith Shetty says:

    Frankly speaking when i was reading !!! i feel like crying BUT….i just skipped !!


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