HaPPy Christmas,Happy ChriStmas & HAPPY ChristMas

Posted: December 25, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

24th December I was getting ready for the mass. I was wondering what my dad will comment when he sees my knee length skirt. I was hesitating to come in front of him. I wouldn’t have surprised if he tears the skirt. I said a Hail Mary and came out. I took few rounds when his eyes fell on my skirt. I started to count but to my surprise he didn’t say anything. I thought “Boy…at last oldie improved”

When mass was over I was shivering with cold. I wished Jesus on his bday. As a bday gift I asked him to bless me with a hike. As I started to walk many eyes, unsaid comments followed not me but my skirt and elephant legs and obviously my butt. Even I would have done the same thing but my comment would have been in full volume.

Till 12.00 I was busy updating my FB status with “Xmas Wishes”. I messaged all my friends, enemies(whom I envy) and spoilt PU’s wall. One of my friend read my status and said “You already wished 3 times. Are you drunk?”. I thought what a silly question to ask. With my dad being in next room I can think of drinking water and only water. Whatever it is, It was Christmas and I wanted to wish Whole world “HAPPY Christmas” again and again

  1. ha ha ha ha.. 🙂 this one is for me i guess 🙂


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