My NEW Year Resolution

Posted: December 27, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

As I had planned to go to mlore I couldn’t roll on bed till 10.00. I was waiting for Loly since 11.30 in one of my favorite church premises. Loly finally showed up around 12.15. She saw me and waved her hand like super-hot model. All I could do was stand and smile

As Loly had to meet her friend I went with her to her friend’s house. There I fell in love with a man. He was so cool and so smart I couldn’t resist myself from falling in love with him. Only problem was he was fit to be my gran pa.How pathetic….. For his age he is super cool. With that white hair, knee length shorts, and collar shirt he was looking a dude for me. Even his wife is wonderful lady. Both are down to earth and humble. I just admired him. Never seen any oldies so cool. When we were about to leave I asked his blessing. He just patted my cheek and said “do call me for your wedding”. I just smiled and said to myself “sure dude.If I get married in this life time, I surely want you to be there”. I just loved the old-dude.

As Loly had to try her bride’s maid dress we went to boutique. As I was busy in the call I didn’t go inside. When a gal came and called me I went inside and lost to breathe looking at the bride. As it’s a wedding season bride was getting ready whom I don’t know from Adam. I never thought anybody can look so stunning and pure in wedding gown. I was so much lost in the bride that I forgot that I came with Loly. When I got my all senses back I went in search of loly. There she was looking smoky hot in her – what to say body fitting gown. She was hardly able to breath. She was looking stunning. I said “Little bit of diet and you will rock”. She smiled when she heard the word ”DIET”. Even though I didn’t know that bride I told her she looks lovely. When I came out of the shop all I wanted was to click some pic in wedding gown. Getting a wedding gown not a big deal but from where I will get a groom!!!!!

By the time I reached home I was dead tired answering people question “whens your marriage”. Relatives, kids, grownups, friends, enemies pissed me with the same question. When I was fed up with that particular question I decided about my New Year resolution. Resolution is nothing but “stab the person who ask about my marriage”. Knife is ready and i waiting to stab.Ohh I am loving it!!!!!



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