My so called Vacation

Posted: December 29, 2011 in My Silly thoughts
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I wanted to run away from my work, office. Christmas was near and all I wanted was  a nice vacation. 24th morning I got down from Suagama bus in Kinnigoli. I was on cloud no 10 as cloud no 9 was occupied. After a long long time  I was on vacation.

For few days it was heaven at home. Then my mom started “can you pay the electric bill and phone bill?”, Can you get some fish from Kinnigoil? And dad started “Can you get… , I forgot what he told me to get. When I browse my mom sarts “Snl oh Snl”. If I wont reply then she will call again “SnL oh Snl”. I have to say Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. If I say “What” she will say “When I call you should say “Ohhhhhhhhhh”. Then she continues “ can you boil the milk? Can you prepare the tea?Can you do this? Can you do that? I grumble to myself and say “now I got 3 bosses, One at office and other 2 at home”. Only difference is,  boss at office is cursed by me and bosses at home will get back answers behind their back.

Sometimes I have to remind them that I am on vacation. That time my boss no 2 at home say “You at least have off on Saturday and Sunday. Look at me, I am working continuously”. I said “apply leave “. She says “To take leave boss no 1 should approve na”.

When boss no 2 is free she will call “My Snl Baby where are you?”. I say “don’t call me baby, I am grown up”. She pinches my cheek and says “Kids are always babies for their mother”.

Other day she told me to draw water from well I said “I am a baby, mommy”. She chuckled and said “You are now 2!, In olden days gals at your age used to have three three kids”. I thought bosses are always bosses. They will never stop comparing

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