My worries for 2012

Posted: December 30, 2011 in My Silly thoughts
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I still remember the day when I entered the PG with Chick. We both were bit taken by the haunted house. With the clothes around and messed up things we both together made it our sweet home.

I didn’t realize how fast days, months and year passed. We never fought because we did have a mutual understanding. We cared and loved each other. Now please don’t get me wrong. We are just friend sorry best friends. Mg Road, Life style, Central were our hit spots. We used to roam in MG roads street hand in hand, admiring cute smart guys and gals, eating corn, guava. One look at us and people will definitely will think we are not straight. Its not their fault, time has changed you see. When I was small if a gal and gal roam it was normal thing. But now if a gal and guy roam it’s a normal thing. If a gal and gal roam then they say “dude, those chicks are not made for us but for each other”. I never thought one day she will leave the pg and go. Oh man I don’t wanna think about what’s there in the store for me in New Year without chick. Staying far away without a friend is pathetic. Its not that I dont have friends. Actually I do have friends but most of them are guys . When I was cribbing about me being alone in the pg my friend who is a guy (unfortunately) said “don’t worry man we are there for you”. Now tell me when we are watching movie and I wanna pee can I take that male friend to ladies toilet??? When I wanna purchase a top can I take him inside the trail room and show??? When I wanna purchase $%%% can I take him there???? If I try explaining this to him he might say “Few places you have to manage on your own”.

I know with Chick gone i cant stop living. Only thing is I cant do girly things with my male friends. When I am with them I have to say “dude look at that gal, What a figure,what an ass”, “Awesome bike man”, “Unfortunately Sachin could not make 100”,…..Just wonder whether 2012 is a boon or course for me!!!!!

  1. Deekshith Shetty says:

    NIce !!


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