Posted: January 4, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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With 10 to 11 hours in office in front system without a minute to scratch my own ass (scratching others ass is out of question), Without chick in the room, Lots of pressure to get  my half frock I will definitely say 2012 is bad. In fact it’s pathetic

After working so hard when I reach my pg, empty room welcomes me with a ugly smile. I see chick’s empty bed and say “destiny…..babes destiny”. I sit on my bed and stare at the phone hoping some looser will call and my time passes. To my wonder my sis calls and says “What’s up babes!!! Are you still alive?”. Other day I told her to call me every day so that she can inform my dad in-case of my murder. As chick is not around my sis took the responsibility to call me every day and keep a ear on me though her cell phone. I don’t wanna people see me rotting body with worms and odour. I know I talk like a moron. This is what happens when you work like dog sorry donkey. When I went home for xmas I thought I will enjoy my vacation but my bosses at home spoilt it. On the last day my boss3(bro) came home. He was all excited to see his daughter. I laughed like a moron when his 7 months old baby fail to recognized him and was scared of him.As my dads wish I gave hot sexy bath to my dogs. When finally I was seated after washing those morons my bro called me to wash the car. I was his assistant. He used to say “Get the cloth, get the shampoo,  get the brush” and I used to follow his orders like a arse”. God how I hated him but without uttering word I followed his commands. When I couldn’t take it anymore I told him”Wait ok, I will pee and come” .I went to the kitchen and started eating. After 15minutes I went back and said “tell me what I should get”. He stared at me and said “everything is done”. I thought I should have taken pee break bit earlier.

I decided in future if I want a vacation I will go into exile where there’s no one to boss over me and I can do whatever I want!!!!Days far away from BOSSESS

  1. shrushetty says:

    m touched gal….


  2. shrushetty says:

    love uuuuuuuuuuuu.. n i miss uuuuuuuuuuu


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