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Posted: January 10, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Sometimes when I have to stay back at office I crib. I curse myself. When I reach my pg with high temper and darn tired my mom calls me to ask what I am doing. I yell at her saying ”I should have followed my dreams”. With her calm voice she says “What were your dreams”. I reply “to become a famous tennis player”. She chuckles and says “Lol, want to expose your legs and undies to the whole world and marry some outsider like Sania Mirza?” with irritated voice I reply “Why the heck people keep on comparing me.”.

When 12 hours you sit in front of some stupid box and work; your calm, patience will fly with the wind far away. Sometimes I used to fear that I will get a stroke or blood start oozing out of my ear due to pressure. In IT industry you do have to compromise many things. If you want a good career then forget your family and personal life. If you want your family then forget your career. I am a person who wants……..who wants….What I really want? I want to publish my series of book like Snl’s love story(if there’s one), Snl’s autobiography, Snl’s point of view….. If my books are a hit then my interviews on news channels, autograph sessions in landmark, pics on front page of news paper and daijiworld, my own website, my fans… .Wowow life will be so fascinating and rocking. But if my book fails to touch reader s heart then I don’t wanna imagine my life how it would be

I don’t know whether my dreams will come true or not. One thing is sure I will not stop writing my blog

  1. Deekshith Shetty says:

    good I like it !!
    keep it uP…………..
    ALL the Best……………..


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