Pressure Re-Loaded

Posted: January 10, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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As I will be celebrating my 2$Th bday coming July”Get marry soon before you get too old” is the famous dialogue used by mom, dad, sis, jiju not to forget my aunt. Bro is bit cool about it. Other day he called me to ask some of his interrogative questions. He calls me only when he wants something from me.Eg: Post-Mans number, Telephone cable, Phone diary…..

He asked me “they are searching guy for you, don’t you have boy friend?”. I said “I studied in gals college ask me whether I have gal friends”. He said “Come on don’t give me that shit now. Its 2012 and you don’t have boy friend?”I chuckled and said “To ask whether I have boy friend or not you called me?” He said “Just wanted to confirm. You act so cool but shame on you, don’t have boy friend”. I said “One more time if you say I don’t have boy friend gonna fry you like fish”. He laughed and said “Useless creature don’t have boy friend”. I said “give me some tips AH”. He said ”There’s nothing like tips, you just have to follow your heart”. I said “huahua, thanks for the tip. My heart follows only Royal Enfield but most of the time riders are pathetic so I don’t follow my heart anymore”.

It’s darn good to know about the gal/guy whom you gonna marry. After all you are the one who will be living with her/him not your parents. Now I feel even I should have had a boy friend. You see meeting the guy, answering the questions, asking the questions, acting cool when your boiling 100degree Celsius is not easy. So far my interviews didn’t start I know they gonna start soon. You see I get pissed off when people ask me too many questions. So I am planning to prepare one detailed resume which include my expectations and requirements. My 2 normal pics in ordinary pose. It will save lots of time and energy.

When I was small I had crush on many cute guys in my home town. Now when I see their wedding pics I say”one more wicket down”. Just wonder whether I take Holy order sacrament (become NuN: Sister Sylvia) or marriage sacrament (become wife: Mrs. Sylvia)

Please Note: For god’s sake stop saying Don’t worry SnL, you will get a good guy. I am tired of Listening to it.”

  1. Dont worry, you will find a good one :p

    ha ha ha ha ha


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