Time With Variables

Posted: January 10, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Before chick left we all friends had a get together. It was just AWESOME.  Sad that time will never come back again.

It was a gang of 9.For the time being we call all the gang members as variable a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h. When party started all variables drinking concentrated water, everything was normal.  We discussed the past, present and future. I was singing one and only one song “chick is leaving, I will be alone, TV will gone, I will miss them both”. Variables used to sing in unison “We are there for you always”.

As time passed we started eating and drinking diluted water. I don’t know how the water was diluted. All I know is as the diluted water hit out stomach, all started laughing, giggling and talking in only English. Some variables said “If your friend doesn’t wish on your bday it doesn’t mean that he/she have forgotten you, its that his/her priorities have changed”. I was thinking why concentrated water can’t bring such nice thought out of anyone. Tongue was slipping out of its platform but it never stopped talking in English. If one variable say “Come again” other variable used to say “go again”. Some variables don’t even remember what they ate. Did they really eat????i don’t know

I don’t know whether I can have time like that with my variables again. You see as time passes life changes, priority changes, and world changes. In one word everything changes. But I know when we are sad and alone we can recollect those happy, insane moments spent with the variables together and laugh like a moron. Believe me I am doing the same now.

  1. dramahater says:

    no TV?? heeeehawwwhaaaa


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