Decent Pic Please!!!!!!

Posted: January 13, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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I have died everyday waiting for you

Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I love you for a thousand more     By: Christina Perri

I am waiting for someone who gonna sing this song for me.  My all senses say “Never Gonna Happen”. I know but what’s there to live with a fake hope. You see sometimes a fake thing keep you going.

Chick is all set to say “good bye” to her spinsterhood. I called her and gave some moral support. You see before the wedding cold feet, butterflies in tummy…are the common things. To my wonder she was cool.  Then I thought may be I should have called the groom instead. When Chick was in the pg, her prince charming used to call her and disturb my and Chicks silly conversation. I am planning to do the same “Tit for tat”.

I am all set to attend Chicks wedding. As I am leaving today to Mangalore, Loly calls me and says “for god sake take a nice pic in the studio. Please don’t give any abnormal pose like sitting on river bank, standing with 1 and half leg,hanging on a tree, gun in hand… Wear something decent, apply coat of lipstick, remove those spectacles, tilt you head 90 degree, and show your bunny teeth a bit”. I said “come on, I am not gonna do that”. She said “Man I am tired of searching a decent pic of yours, all are so weird. If you still say no gonna tell Mr Lobo”. I said “you are mad moron”. My dad doesn’t know about the “decent pic” thing. If he comes to know then I wouldn’t be surprised if he applies powder to my face, 2 big lipstick spot on either side of my cheek and escorts me to studio to click my decent pic. Photographer might laugh out his lungs and say “oldie, she looks like a gerbera”.

  1. dramahater says:

    ahhahahhaa…… i duno why i find this funny now, jus coz i think we spoke abt it..
    I think Loly has ordered knives for ur next pose!!


  2. nivi says:

    i liked this.. also heard that u finally got a decent pic.. 🙂 i like the way Mr Lobo dressing up u!! 😛


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