My niece…’wanna be’ SnL

Posted: January 18, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Today again I thanked god for having niece instead of nephew. Gals at least keep their legs in same region and sit(both legs in east) but guys keep their one leg in east and other in west. Today again I almost fell of my seat. The guy who was sitting next to me was very reluctant to move his leg from west region to north without worrying how the tiny gals sitting next to him can manage in that ¼.Looser.

When I had been to my home last week my niece recognized me. Wowow I was thrilled. I wanted to hold her but was scared that she will start her shower so I patted her cheek. When I saw her white nappie I picked her up, spanked her ass and kissed her cheek. She was happy. Usually they don’t put nappy to her whole day .She doesn’t like it to pee in some cotton wrapped thing. She loves to pee on the floor or on somebody.

When I started to play with her bro said  ”Dont spoil her routine, she have to sit on the potty now”. I was like ”Wowo baby sitter”. Within 2 minutes my niece on the potty and my bro was making some weird sound with pressure. I looked at my bro and then my niece. She listens to him for a while and then was trying to move away from the potty. But my bro was adamant and he said ”do kakka baby, do kakka, do do”. When baby started to cry my bro gave up and let her go. As soon as she was free my mom stuffed her mouth with baby food and said “if you don’t eat RUM will eat your food”. She swallowed. Again my mom stuffed her mouth and it continued for a while. When she eats her food she wants RUM to be near her. As she inherited my habits and character she loves dog. As she cant play with RUM her dad have bought a big toy dog. He will make her sit on it and take her for a ride on it.

Once babies’ tummy was full my bro made her wear her torn socks and put her in the walker. She started to run. Then my bro made her climb the sloppy area. You see while coming down its damn easy but while climbing its bit tough that to with walker. She tried her level best to please her dad but her dad was not satisfied. He made her climb that sloppy area again and again. When my bro thought she is tired he made her stop and made the some weird sound with pressure again “ do kaka baby do kaka”. As the kakka herd his voice it’s started coming out. I was speechless Once she was washed my bro started hitting her bum with spongy ball. I said “Stop it moron she will cry”. My mom said “He wants her baby to be strong like you that’s why he is hitting her with that ball. Don’t worry she wont cry. Starting she used to but not anymore”. What the hell? They want Junior SnL???? I said to myself “you guys gonna regret it”

Baby started to move from one room to other in her super nova energy. Mom said “Give her some water. She held her bottle and drank some. As soon as she kept her bottle down she started to move in her 4 legs. Before I know whats happening she peed. I was amazed to see the baby pee. 2 mins drink water and after 2mins baby will pee, new thing to me. Mom said every 45 minutes you have to take her outside and make sound “shhhhhh, baby shhhh”.I tried many times but she never peed. As soon as I get her inside she pees that’s the thing which pisses me off.

After 1 hour forcibly she was fed by mom. When she was tired she slept for a while. When she got up she started to move from one room to other in her 4 legs. Whatever she gets on the way she tastes so one person have to follow her wherever she goes. Most of the time she will be in kitchen with my mom. She takes rounds and rounds in the kitchen, one corner to other without rest. When she wants something she crawls and catches my mom’s leg. My mom will sing some baby song in her ugly voice and baby smiles. When baby cries she will take her outside and show RUM and she keeps quiet.

Taking care of baby is worst than writing code. You should have lots of experience and should have GK about baby. Why baby is crying, what she wants are the basic questions I never understood. When I crib about babysitting my mom said “wonder what you will do with your baby”. I replied “First you worry about babies father and then baby”. She chuckled and said “hmmmm.hmmmm…guess I am being very optimistic”

  1. shilpa says:

    few days babe.. u’l b expert in baby sitting!!


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