Chicks Wedding

Posted: January 19, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Chick’s wedding and I was excited. As planned we all friends were there in Mangalore to attend Chicks wedding

Usually I get up around 10.00 when I am at home but on Chciks wedding I got up at 8.00. When I get a nature call I take full 15 minutes but that day I saved 10minutes. I wore some salwar, applied coat of lipstick, combed my bushy hair and yeah I was ready within 20minutes.You see Christians wedding you can enter the hall at 1.00 in the noon no worries but Hindus marriage you have to be there around 11.00. I got ready checked my sandals. When I saw that hig heels I knew it I cant wear those sandals and drive the active in our pathetic road. I kept sandals in my bag wore bath room slippers and started the engine. I crossed half way when my neuron said “Change the slippers, nobody is there to watch”. I stopped the active put the stand and opened my bag. When I picked my slipper I saw some leaves attached to it .Leaves attaching to slipper indicates “You stamped the shit”. I turned the slipper and yeah I was right. I had stamped the shit. As it was not stinking I felt it was dog shit. You see I am smart in finding out all those things. I never thought even village dog are lazy to shit behind the bush. In Bangalore I had stamped city dog shit and Mangalore stamped village dog shit. One thing I realized shit can be anywhere so watch out.

I cursed myself and put those shitty slippers in a plastic. I checked whether I got that damn dog shit on me. Thank god it was only on my slippers. When this shit drama was going on one bike passed that way. When I heard the sound I pretend to dig something in my bag. Thank god it worked. Bike rider didn’t even bother to look at me. I felt happy and sad both. Happy because he didn’t see my shitty slippers and sad because even coat of lipstick didn’t help me to gain ordinary bike riders attention.

Somehow I reached Mangalore around11.00.Believe I was damn early. My looser friend came around 12.00.Made me wait almost 1 hr. Chick was looking gorgeous. She was tired posing for the pics. As soon as she saw me her face glowed like 100v surya bulb. I though how I am gonna miss her. Groom tied the knot and spinster Chick became married chick. We all friends wished her. She again said “will miss you Snl baby”. I thought if the groom hears that then he will do ‘SnL dry’ same like ‘chicken dry’. We had lunch and left.

4.00 In the evening I reached home. As soon as I came I started to pack. Reception was in the evening and that too in Mangalore. As I got ready I didn’t forgot to apply double coat of lipstick and my dangling ear ring. I wore a kurtha without side slit. As I picked my luggage bag my bro said “I am busy I cant drop you, take Activa and go. Park it somewhere I will get it back”. I said “Are you mad? I have luggage and my kurtha does not have side slit I cant ride the active”. My bro said “Did I tell you to buy Kurtha without slit???” Again I had to be super woman. I kept my big bag and started the engine with a fear if I fall my kurtha will tear and sandals will break and all can see my underpants. I was praying with concentration. When I finally parked active I was happy. Yeah i was proud of myself.

Before I left my dad said “Keep your bio-data and pic ready”. I said “Ok dady. Passport size pic is fine right?”. Dad said “Are you crazy? Go to studio and click one special effect pic, throw that specs of yours somewhere”. I said”ok Boss, as you say”. As soon I reached Mangalore I entered “Vivek studio” with my big luggage bag. That studio is quiet famous in Mangalore. Photographer told me to freshen up. I combed my bushy hair and begged them to act like silky. Photographer came in with his camera with extra cool lenses. He told me to tilt my head to right and left, relax a bit,…….and smile. Finally when he was done I was exhausted. I know in pic my big scars will disappear. I feel sorry for the lamp that will fall for my special effect, scar less pic .Phewww

I reached reception hall on time. Chick was looking awesome. Long back she had straightened her hair. For her reception she had curled her hair. When Shenoy saw that he said “poor Chick, straightening is gone”. We went to wish her. She said “Thank you man thanks a lot for coming”. I said “come on babes, its ok”. When I was about to move she said “One hug please!!”. I was overwhelmed. I hugged her and slowly saw the groom. He was cool with it. After wishing her we had our dinner. Shetty style Chicken, fish fry, Chicken biryani..were delicious.

Before leaving Chick came and spoke to us. Shenoy said “straightening is gone…poor you. Chick laughed and said “hahah no ways. My straighten hair is hidden up by those fake curls.” We all laughed.

As we were above to leave Deekshith cousin came in bike that too RF. Dude that bike had super sexy body. I fell in love with the bike. It was just…I don’t have words to describe it. When I was praising the bike my friends said “if you wanna take a round go ahead. I said “no thank you”. Slowly said “Don’t fall in love with the rider, he is younger to you”. When I giggled and said “He is like my bro”. My friends said “dude you are in our gang now”.

That day for the first time I was roaming like a free bird in Mangalore at 10.00. Roaming includes ride from the hall to bus stop and some pic in the bus stop. As Chick got married I was only gal in the gang. I did miss her every minute. Bus came and we all got in to bus.

When I finally reached my pg in the morning after a mini adventure I knew it I will remember Chicks wedding throughout my life. Life is full of adventure. I love attending friend’s wedding…. Whose next?

  1. Samson says:

    Where are the pics bo… Do post them here…


  2. deeks says:

    ya who’s next ….??????


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