SnL’s word of the day “Flaunt”

Posted: January 20, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Everybody loves to flaunt what they have. Some flaunt long legs, some flaunt their Bike/Car, some stair case to heaven, some their waist band. People like me will comment and enjoy.


They wear some small tight fitting shirt, extra low waist jeans and flaunt their red color brief waist band to whole world. If the brief is low waist then they flaunt “stair case to hell” without any tension. If a gal flaunts her undies waist it will be really nice to see the flowery, teddy bear print but they never flaunt.

My Lesson: Guys for god sake stop flaunting your briefs waist band to show you are wearing underpants. If you want to expose wear g-string and flaunt everyone will love it.(Don’t ask what is g-string, even I am not sure of its meaning)


They flaunt stair case to heaven. When guys enjoy the view they say “Rascal no manners, staring at my…”. They bend without knowing how much delight they give to 100of sad eyes.

My Lesson:  Stop flaunting stair…heaven. Too much of flaunting is the open invitation for the trouble.


Always top most button of the shirt will be unbuttoned.  For your own sake guys nobody is interested in watching your hairy chest.

My Lesson:  For love of god button the shirt properly. Gals hate guys who unbutton the top most buttons

Gals and Guys:

Gals flaunt their long sexy legs which all love it when guys try to do the same everybody hates it. They look like bear.

My Lesson: Gals continue doing the same. Guys if you want to flaunt wax your leg and flaunt.

Still the list is big but as I am bit sleepy I cant think in depth and I am winding up here. If you wanna flaunt then flaunt your smile, simplicity, humility. You will be true hero/heroine in front of non-dietaries.  I sound like nun who used to teach me the value education. How boring:)

  1. deeks says:

    Hey for casuals if top most button is not open –its doesn’t look good /for Ur kind information


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