PU’s Agenda

Posted: January 23, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Money is the main source respect. Even beggar doesn’t give a damn to you are in you are in your brand less clothes.  Now don’t think I fought with a beggar.

Saturday had been to Brigade road with PU. There’s a fruit shop at the end of street. That shop had all kinds of fruits. You name it and it will be there. PU was fascinated by those fruits. She went and ask fruit name they just ignored her. She comes back and tells “losers cant even tell the fruit name. I am gonna make lots of money and buy that shop”. I said “Before that buy some fancy clothes they will treat you like queen of fruits”. She said “I wanna buy that shop” .I said “All the very best PU”. Now PU’s agenda is to buy that shop. You never know may be after 2 to 3 years she will be the one to sell those imported fruits in Brigade road.

Saturday we saw “Underworld awakening”. As it was 3D we had wear big goggles. Person sitting next PU was snoring throughout the movie. PU was saying “Poor fella paying 300 Rs to sleep in peace. Wife must be giving him a hard time”.  I thought marriage does changes everything.  Wonder how much money I had to pay to sleep peacefully.

  1. dramahater says:

    Dont u remember saying “Muzo momo kudke zaina” LOL


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