Yesterday I was having a fruit which does look like orange but have the characteristics of Sweet Lime.  As person who tried to produced a fruit having characteristics of Sweet Lime and orange kept the naming right to me I named the fruit as “orunmbi”. Trust me taste is worse than the name.

My so called pg has 2 rooms and a general kitchen. Me and chick had occupied room next to kitchen long back and room near to the main road is occupied a “gulum gulum” (keralite). Let’s call that room as tring tring. As room is near to the door, person living in that room has to open the door. Let’s call my and Chicks room as “H20” room. As the water purifier is in our room we have to keep our door open for 24/7.Trust me when I start dream on weekends on my bed some chimp bangs the door. I curse the chimp and open the door with closed eyes. When they see my status they say “oops you are STILL sleeping. I will come later. Sorry to disturb you”. I reply “it’s ok(Ass %^$# keep out of my room till 11.00 AM) fill the water and go(just gooooo)”.

When me and Chick were living in Tring Tring room we used to get up at 9.00 on weekends. Paper guy, flower gal, vegetable queen all were singing lullaby to wake us up. One day paper guy was shouting “paper paper”. I was so much into the sleep that I got up and said “babes I will go and get “Bangalore Mirror”. Chick giggled and said “Moron, he is collecting old paper go back to sleep”.  It was pathetic. Later when we got the chance we migrated to “H2O” room. Our condition got worsens. Early morning, later evening, while changing clothes, while brushing teeth, while eating chicken secretly they bang the door and say “can we fill the water “. Even though you want to strangle them to death all you can say is” sure”

We call gulum gulum lady as monster as she locks her vegetables and all kitchen items. As she is dieting she eats grapes for lunch. Whenever I and chick used to go to kitchen we used to check her vessels.  Sometimes she used to keep the grapes in the kitchen without any lock. I and chick used to fill our bowl with grapes and run to our room.  Both used to giggle and eat the grapes. Whenever we used to cook vegetable in pure managlorean style with coconut oil Boxer hero used to come to kitchen and say “Shruthhhiii…Are you preparing egg”. Whenever it was veg chick used to say “come and check, its pure veg” and whenever we cooked egg doctor never came to the kitchen. In reality Boxer Hero’s nose can’t stand ginger, garlic smell..

Time passed but Boxer hero never stopped cribbing. Now he rarely comes to our kitchen. Guess even he miss calling “shruttttttttthi…Shrutttthiii” in his extra noisy voice. Hope Chick understands who and all miss her in her absence.

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