My Pee Story

Posted: January 27, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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I was listening to songs in the cab in the morning. When a particular song started to play I remembered my pee story in the wilderness.

Couple of years back when I was doing my MCA we had college picnic for one day. Some male moron found a water fall far away from our place (Nitte). Day and bus both started with prayer. Whenever I am there I take the initiative to start the prayer. You see some habits are impossible to stop. When you study in a convent school they teach you to live with god. Whatever…

As a responsible person one of the female lecturers took the responsibility to come with us. In reality she wanted to see whether gals and guys are being naughty. Like a bride our so called mam dressed up in her orange color sari. As a privileged citizen she occupied the front seat. Journey was smooth. When SnL is travelling with you then even hell will be heaven.

We had to stop the bus far away from the falls as the roads were narrow. We started walking continued walking, walked and walked and walked but couldn’t see the waterfalls  for 2KM. when we walked 2 more KM herd some water sound. When a traveler sees the oasis he will forget his misery and runs for the water. We did the same thing. No correction boys did the same thing. I was still cursing the guy in charge. Within 2 minutes guys were half nude playing in water. Gals were standing and admiring the water and male mermaids. I didn’t like those male mermaids. They were so weird like beary(bear with hair). As I didn’t wanted to be the “tip tip barsa pani” gal to the spectator ,I was sitting on the rock and was admiring nature.  You see sometimes guys worms will are un-controllable. As a result they started splashing the water. Trust me I was victim of their lunatic behavior. When all this was happening bride was escorted by a guy. She was blushing whenever she stumbled on the rock. I thought how that guy is escorting her. I love my lecturers (sometimes) but I never become touchy with them. Then my senses told me may be the guy wanna get good marks for his assignment.

Rainy season, wet clothes, chilly wind and filled bladder is enough to make you run. Guys were changing clothes behind the bush as their birth right while gals were rotting in queue for the changing room. As there were no toilets I knew it that if I stay there I will never get a chance to pee. I started walking with another gal. We were almost running when we crossed a house my bladder told me to stop. As a shameless creature I entered sorry climbed their wooden gate. Dog started barking looking at me. Lady and guy came out and were examining me. Lady said “Do you want drinking water, gal?”. I thought today is the day I am gonna lose my shame, self respect in the jungle. I said in a low voice “Mam I wanna pee. Where’s the toilet?” She just smiled and said “We don’t have toilet, you just go behind the cow hut and pee”. When I was small I have peed millions times outside in front of my dad, mom, bros, sister, strangers. But now I am grown how I can explain that thing to her? I said “ok” and started walking behind the cow hut. I looked around I saw only trees. I prayed to god “Save me this time” and peed. If same thing I would do now my MMS would circulate like morning news paper. Thank god it was village and camera cells were not there. I thanked the lady and started my walking journey again. When we reached the bus it was locked. I wanted to change my wet clothes before anybody come. Like a guy I tried climbing the driver seat. Crap steps were so high I had to jump. I tried again and yeah I was inside the bus. I opened the door and let other gals in. I changed my wet clothes within fraction of second. Even though I had a bad experience I loved that picnic.

You see those experience becomes memory with time and those memories make you smile when you are alone. I always try to forget that peeing part but its just non-deletable. Thank god only my bladder was full. If I wanted to potty then ….i don’t wanna think about it

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