Common Love Stories Part-2

Posted: January 30, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Here is the part 2 of my old article common Love stories. In part-1 Gal was the bad person but in Part-2 guy is palying that role.

Gal and Guy madly in love:

Gal and guy roam all around the city hand in hand. Gal lies about the special classes to meet the guy. They run when watch man guarding the park chases them with his stick. They fail to understand that the lawn they were spoiling is expensive. They visit the isolated places like jungle where they can sit and be naughty. They run when the owner of the place chases them with his air gun. Gal adores the guy, thinks he is the one for her.

Guy says “I need space”

Guy founds better gal than the current. Guy says “Baby, I feel we are becoming too …(he tries to say a word which is suitable for the situation. He gives up his effort and waits)Actually I need some space “.

Gal says “What!!! Are you breaking up with me? Tell me darling what I did wrong? When guy doesn’t move an inch she throws her shawl aside and cries out “you found somebody else. Tell me she is more hotter than me?” Guy becomes speechless. He wonders how come women are so smart. He doesn’t even bother to justify. He simply says “common now, don’t be so naïve. I need some space and all I am asking is bit time”. (He knows that gal can’t afford his so called “bit time”). Finally when gals comes to know that she doesn’t even have a chance she picks her bag, shawl, wipes her tears, applies coat of lipstick, combs her hair then looks straight in to guys eyes. When guy thinks she gonna x-Ray my whole body……Patar sound made by gals hand on his cheek gets him back to the reality. Gals says “Jerk, you will rot in hell with that %$%$”. Guy thinks “It was easier than I anticipated only slap was unexpected”. He whistles thinking about his new gal friend, with a smile he starts his bike.

Gal sees the guy with his new gal

Gal sees the guy with his new gal friend in the mall. She boils with anger to 100’c when they roam hand in hand. She stands there watching the guy with his new butterfly while her mind recoils all types of bad words in case of emergency. As the guy disappears gal cools down and says “b$$%(#”

Gal Gets married

Gal invites guy’s friends for the wedding. She clicks group photo with them and introduces them to her hubby. When the guy comes to know about it he chuckles and says “she still loves me”. But his inner voice will say “she doesn’t give a damn to you”.

Gal meets the guy

While shopping in the super market guy meets the gal. Guy smiles at her and she stares at him. When her hubby asks” who is that guy smiling at you? “ gal says “He is a jerk. I am going home you are coming or not?”. Gal thinks “New gal must have dumped him that’s why is alone”. Gal prepares sweets. Husband asks “why sweet darling? Anything special?” Gal says “I am happy that’s why sweet baby”.

Guy gets married

Guy marries the gal whom his mom liked. He sits and thinks about his past. When he realizes he made many heart weep says “I was a real jerk”. His wife asks” did you say something?”.The guy says “Nothing, it’s too late I will sleep”.

Never make any heart cry intentionally. People say Tear-Angel maintains its so called “Tear book”. When we cry tear-angel makes a entry in that book with a reason for tear. My advise is that avoid you name from entering that Teat-book else boy tear-Angel attacks you with tears. Last few lines were damn complicated dont know what made me write that. Whatever…Dont ask me whats the connection between onion-tear and tear-angel.

  1. shilpa says:

    Loved the sequel babe… awaiting for more of these..


  2. Vandy says:

    Good one man…appreciate your thinking capability amongst the monsters besides you:)


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