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Posted: February 2, 2012 in STORY
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I stood there in my white gown in middle of the church. It was quiet silent other than the sound made by pigeons. If they would have known the criticality of the situation even they would have waited in silence with me. My eyes rest on the crucifix at the center. I just said “not for my sake god, it’s for my father’s sake”. I looked out of the window wondering whether I have to wear this gown again in future. Today for the second time I wore it. When finally I couldn’t take it any more I climbed the steps and headed to the mike. I recalled those sentences which I had practice in case of emergency. I said “I am extremely …” Rest of the sentence was absorbed by the sound made by the people who entered the church. I thanked god when my eyes found what I was searching for. I looked straight into those eyes hoping to find doubt, confusion. When I couldn’t find what I was searching for I smiled and said “extremely sorry for the delay”. I took few steps to be with the guy I was going to marry. I asked him “do you wanna back out? This is the last chance you got”. He said “never in my life time”.


My name is Samantha Louis, age 27 and I work for a famous magazine “Time traveler”.  I am alone daughter to my parents. My dad is retired army officer and mom is house wife. I love my home town so much that I cant stop talking about it. Yeah… those beaches, temples, churches, picnic spots…..i am proud to be a Mangalorean.

When my mom was pregnant my dad thought it’s gonna be boy even though he wanted a gal. When nurse told my dad that it’s a baby gal my dad had kissed the nurse and said “I am damn lucky guy”. Nurse had slapped his face and said “behave yourself Mr Louis”. When he came to see me and mom, mom had laughed her lungs out seeing those finger prints on his face. Now don’t use your brain and say “You were small how you know this?”. Dad and mom repeated the same story million of times.

My dad raised me like his son. When I was small I never wore pink lacy dress. I wore shirts printed with turtle. Anyways I hated pink. My hair was short like guys. I was different from beginning. When mom sensed that she had told my dad “you gonna regret this. She is a gal , she should wear frock like other gals”. But dad had said in his determined voice “My angel will wear whatever she wants”. Time passed and I grew up. When most of the kids used to attend summer camp I used to accompany my dad in hunting. I was master in using rifle. When my mom couldn’t do anything she admitted me to gal’s school. I guess she still regrets that mistake. I became worst. I had my gang of gals. I never mingled with guys. When I was in 9th standard I rode my dad’s Royal Enfield(RF) for the first time.

For PUC I joined sorry my mom forced me to join co-education. I still remain the same didn’t change an inch. I used to go to college in my dad’s RF. My mom had a problem with it but my dad was pretty cool.

Many times my mom had asked me “Tell me Sam do you have a boy friend?” and I used to say “no mom, I have gal friends”. Whenever she heard that “gal friend” she used to worry more. Guess she thought something is wrong with her daughter.

My mom failed to understand me. My dad was my best buddy. I guess my mom forced him to talk to him. He had said “whatever you are Sam, I still love you”. Without understanding I had said “I love you too dad”.

May be the new generation is like that. If you don’t hang out with the guys they think something is wrong with you. Anyways I never gave damn about it. When I finished my bachelors I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be a successful writer.

When I was 25 I was pretty famous writer. My column “Time tales” in the Time Traveler’ magazine was pretty famous. I was happy with my life.

You see when a gal turns to 25 she is supposed to be married no matter what. This is the principal of the society in which I live. If gal is unmarried till 26 then people say “may be she’s having an affair with guy belonging to other religion”, “may be something is wrong with her”. But when it comes to guys it’s ok for them to get marry at any age. How partial!!!!!

Real problem started in my life was when I turned to 25. My relatives, friends started asking me “when’s your marriage?” I was bugged up saying “whenever I want” so I started a new phrase “when I meet the right guy”. You see I fail to make them see my point so gave up answering those questions.

My mom was worried about my marriage. Many times she had told my dad “she’s getting old search a guy for her”. But my dad had his own thinking “she’s just 25, give her some time”. When he got his first heart attack my mom had told every Tom-dick-Harry “Let me know if there’s a suitable guy for my daughter”. Few guys had sent me their bio-data with their pics which were clicked by real professional photographers. Wow they looked like….real dorks. According to me pics are always fake. When my mom forced me to send my pics I had mailed some real bad pics, posing on tree, posing with some statue. I wanted them to see the real me and my creativity but unfortunately my pic never passed the first round which was “love the fake pic” .How I hated this. When my mom came to know that what I was doing she had forced me to wear sari and click some pics in Mangalore’s famous studio “Vivek Studio”. Like tilting head in 180 degrees, smiling like a mermaid, posing like a real angel. I was looking like an Angel in those pics. But I knew it the guy who gonna fall for that pic gonna regret when he sees real me.

My dad was getting better, he had said “I wont force you baby, just meet the guy and then decide. I wont be there always with you even though I want to”. When I realized that my parents want to see me settle down I had taken “groom hunting” task pretty seriously.

When I told about my task to my G-gang (gal gang) they had given my many tips. Don’t fall for the guy on the first meet, don’t ask too many questions( I ask too many questions), Don’t even think about domination the situation like calling the waiter, be polite, don’t waste time asking same info which he already mentioned in bio-data, check the smell of the guy, check his shoes, check his nails, check his attitude,…….. So many questions. I tried memorizing few but my brain failed to cooperate. I felt when you meet someone who is meant for you, no need to ask the questions your heart will tell you “this is the one”. Even though it sounds like fairy tale I believed in it



Guy was a business man from the  city. He had mentioned something like this in his matrimonial profile “gal should be homely”. I tried to analyze that sentence but I couldn’t

As planned I met him in Ideal on one evening

He came in formal wear which included polished shoes, black pant and.. and…pink shirt. When I saw that pick color I got goose bumps and my eyes said “no questions and answer session because answer is NO”. Even though I wanted to run I followed him to the corner table. I ordered my usual “double cutlet” and “American choconut”. When he heard my order he raised his eye brows I smiled and said “This is my usual”. He ordered “some juice”. I wanted to say “moron we are in IDEALS order ice cream” but instead I just smiled.

Before I relax the question came and hit me “are you ready to quit your job after marriage?”. Thank god waiter still didn’t get the water else I would have thrown the water on his face and yelled “Never”. I maintained my calm and said “I cant give up writing”. He was ready with an answer he said “I wont say give up writing, I am saying give up your job”. I thought the guy is twisting the same thing in different angles. I already decided that I will say no so I just said “you see newspaper will lose its value if the reader wont read it”. Before he open his mouth my order came and I literally started hogging it. He opened his mouth but my question shut him off. I said “can you explain me about ”being Homely”, explain in brief imagine it’s a ten mark question” .He raised his eyebrows. Guess no gal asked him to do that in his life time

The guy started “homely means just do home chores like cleaning cooking and taking care of me, my things, my house……” When he was answering for ten marks I was thinking the guy needs a care taker not a wife. Whatever I pity his so called wife alias care taker. When he was explaining I was admiring the young couple in the next table. They must have ordered single Tiramisu and guy was feeding the gal. His one arm was around her shoulder. I was so much absorbed in observing that I didn’t realize that pink hero stopped his explanation. We chit chated for a while and left. When I reached home dad saw my face and said “so my angel didn’t find Mr Right…”. I patted his cheek and said “whatever dad but I just enjoyed cutlet and American choconut”. My dad winked at my mom and said “even we should have gone with her”.



Boy was an engineer working in Bangalore. He didn’t mention anything in “expectations” column.

This time I went to meet the guy in Hao Hao. As soon as we sat I picked the menu the waiter came. When I was above to say “Chicken Manchows soup” the guy chased the waiter saying “give us some time”. I smiled at the guy and said in my mind “let me have something so that I gain energy to answer your questions”. You see hao hao chicken manchow soup is so delicious my tongue still can feel it. I controlled my hunger and said “So what you gonnna order”. Guy said “About that, I wanna make a confession. I came here to meet you because my mom forced me. Sorry I am already committed.” I was happy. You see guy saved me from “question and answer session”. I said “congrats, so gal is from Mangalore?” The guy said “He is from Bangalore”. Then he said “order anything you want”. I said “sure….so what she is like”. Then I was a lost myself in the menu that I didn’t observe guy was admiring the guys seated in the next table. He said “he is great”. When I realized my ears must have mistaken I looked up and then followed his eyes. Then I said “he is really great”.

When I reached home my dad was sleeping. My mom asked me “how it went”. I said “it was ok”. She said “so it’s yes from your side?” I said “ohohoh hold on there for a second lady..i didn’t say yes”. She said “How long you gonna play this “No-Guy-Mr right” game. There is nothing like Mr- right or love at first sight. Done waste time honey we are getting old .At least for your dad sake take it seriously” and walked away. I closed my eyes and said “where the heck are you Mr right”. My cat said “meaowo”. I thought instead of cat of some guy would have said “I am here” would have been better.


Guy was working in Mangalore in some private IT firm. Bio data looked pretty cool. I went to meet him in Pizza hut. He came in his casuals. When I saw him I like him in the first sight. He had a taste. As we started”question and answer session” I realized the guy is not that bad. He said “recently I broke up with my gal friend hope it’s ok with you”. I thought as long as there is no current gal friend it should be ok. We met couple of times .It was a “Yes” from both sides.

My dad and mom were happy as their long awaited dream gonna come true.

December 26th 5.30 Milagress church. I reached church before hand with my bride’s maid. Clicked some pics here and there. The mass was supposed to start at 6.00.It was 5.55 but there was no trace of this guy. My dad was trying to call him but it was switched off. I was worried for my dad. I was ok if there’s no wedding but I knew my dad cant take that. I prayed to god. As a result guy came at 6.30 in his same formal clothes. My heart was beating fast. He called my dad aside and said something. All I can see was my dad collapsing and keeping his hand on his chest. I don’t know what happened after words. When I woke up later I was there in my house. As  brides maid’s duty my best friend was still there with me holding my hand. She explained me the whole story. The guy said no because he was in love with his ex-gal friend and last minute he realized he cant marry me. When my dad heard this he got his second heart attack. I was so furious that I took my bike key and started the engine. I stopped my RF in front of guy’s house and called his name loudly. He came out running but when he saw me he stopped because I was still in my white gown. When I called him again he came running and opened the gate “before he could say anything I slapped him on his both cheeks and said “if anything happens to my dad…I am not gonna live you son of a  %^%^” he opened his mouth but I shut him off and said “I wouldn’t have mind if you would have informed me bit earlier but you were damn late chicken hearted filthy cockroach. Pray to god nothing happens to my dad. If anything happens then very soon there will be a funeral in your house. Mark my words, moron” .Before he say something I left. When I reached home I was still angry. I had emptied whole bottle of Jack Daniels which was my dad’s favorite. I don’t even know who put me to bed.

Doctor had told that second heart attack had ruined his internal organs. He also had told that he might get his next attack any time. I begged doctor to do something but all he said was “keep your dad happy”. I knew it what will make him happy. Only I could make him happy. Dad got discharged from hospital. He looked very tired. When he saw my worried face he called me aside and said “don’t worry angel I am fine”. I had cried whole night. I couldn’t see my “superhero-dad” in that condition.



As my dad’s condition was worse I didn’t wanted to waste any time. Before seeing the guy my answer was “Yes”.

The guy was a lecturer in some engineering college. I met him in CCD in Balmata. He was too out-of-fashion. His hair was shining with coconut oil; he had worn his pant on his chest and used jasmine deodorant. As soon as he sat I got head ache.  I thought if I marry this guy I have to go through those headaches every day and night. For my dad’s sake I was ready to bear that pain.

When I reached home dad even didn’t ask me any question.

He just said “I feel you should meet Rommel”.

I said “dad this guy was not that bad”.

He said “I don’t wanna know how he was. You just meet Rommel once.”

I said “who is Rommel?”

He said “Rommel is my Doctor”

I raised my eyebrows and said “Rommel is a gal?  Name is quite cool. Guess she is really cute like her name”. My dad knew it that I was kidding. He didn’t say anything. Next day he told me to meet this Rommel in Cherry Square.



I love Cherry Square; you will get best deserts there. I sat on a corner table and ordered delicious”Enigma”. I was waiting for this Rommel gal. I knew doctors work won’t let them reach anywhere on time. I was busy eating and I didn’t see a tall male figure approaching me. He said “hi Sam”

I said “Hi doctor what are you doing here?”

He was taken aback by my question. He said “same thing what you are doing”

Now it was my turn to be confused. I said “What..?” He pulled a chair and sat. I said “I am sorry to say you can’t sit here. You see I have a date”.

He smiled and said “So do I”.

I raised my eyebrows and said “I am not kidding. Seriously”

He said “Ok Sam. I am dead serious. Are you kidding me?”

I said “See doctor I am waiting for this gal named Rommel”.

He laughed his lungs out and said “Ohh Sam “.

I said “Why are you laughing? What’s funny hua? “

He stood and extended his right hand said “Hey Sam, let me allow to introduce myself “I am Rommel Lobo”.

I sat there in my chair dumb founded. Even my dad didn’t bother to correct me. I was so embarrassed that I stood and said “Hey can we meet some other time? I feel bit bad”

He was cool. He said “Have a seat Sam I am not gonna mention this to anyone”.

When I looked into those jet black eyes my doubts disappeared. I sat and said “I am sorry. I didn’t know that Rommel is guy’s name”.

He said “don’t be, it happens with me all the time. Don’t go by name. I have an aunt whose dogs name is Rommel”.

We both laughed together. The guy had a great sense of humor.

I said “so my dad forced you to meet me?”

He said “Nothing like that. I am 30 and I felt its time I get married”.

I smiled and said “if you try Matrimonial site you will get 1000 of proposals”

He chuckled and said “So how’s your column?”

I said “so you read it?’

He said “It’s my favorite”

We chatted for a while. My heart didn’t say “this is the guy” but I felt something. He was really sweet.

When I reached my home my dad and mom were laughing. Dad said “Is Rommel cute, angel?

I said “you could have told me that Rommel is a guy”

He said “now even i got something which I can think over and over and laugh”. I didn’t say anything I just smiled. My dad knew it that I had met my Mr. Right


Priest started the mass. We exchanged our marriage vows. I asked my dad’s and moms blessings. My dad said “I am happy for you angel”. I kissed his cheek and said “thank you dad, thank you for finding Rommel for me. He said “I know she is really cute” and winked, we all laughed together.

I asked Rommel “Why you were late?” He did some action in air with his hand and said “My patients kept me busy, my wife. I am sorry”.

He said “what’s that smell? Did you booze and come on your wedding day?”

I smiled and said “I wanted some energy and strength to wear that same gown again so had one peg of Whiskey”

He looked into my eyes and said “there was no reason for me to back out”

I kissed his cheek and said “good that you decided to come. I had bought my RF in case you changed your mind”.

He smiled and said “I will never do that. Love you baby”.

I knew it I married the right guy.



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