Waiting Disaster…….

Posted: February 2, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

When I was in college I used to bunk college and sleep in the hostel but now I bunk office and sleep in the pg. Some habits never change. Its obvious SnL will never change.2 days I rotted in pg watching  movies and rolling on the bed.

Other day chick called me to ask what I am doing. I said “fine babes, just miss you”. She said “soon find Mr SnL and settle down, you are already 2*”. I said “come on babes now you don’t start”. Then I said “so hows marriage life”. She said “good, today prepared Idly, afternoon some dal…”. I started to think what happened to her in pg she never used to ….then I realized I never allowed her to do anything. Yeah I was dominating (my big flaw). She said “what you do in the pg whole day?”. I said “nothing”. Before I say anything she said  “I have a spare data card will send it with your post man deekshith collect it and recharge”. I was speechless before even asking she gave the data card. I was touched. Sometimes friends are the only one who understand your thoughts and yourself

Today I prepared noodles for the dinner. My experiment for the day. Its was pretty sticky. I had it because I didn’t had any other option. After dinner 30mins passed when I heard some sound in my tummy “gulu gulu”. I know its s symptom of “lose motion”. Hope taps dont run out of water when my drainage burst:)

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