RF Brothers

Posted: February 5, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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After the mass I just came out to meet my  G-gang. As it was Sunday the parking lot was crowded. I was talking to my G-gang when my eyes suddenly rested on 2 guys. Both were cool and the biggest thing was they had RF. My heart was beating fast. But the problem was both had covered their face with handkerchief. I just asked myself can it be him???? but my confused heart said which one? there are two ?I just looked up to the sky and said “god can you do me a favor? Can you make them see me? I know that’s the toughest job when you have gorgeous friends its obvious no one will see you. I know how it feelsJ

Next Sunday my eager eyes were searching for those two Rf brothers. Unfortunately I could not find them. I was bit sad. Really sad. We got into the rick. As it was my jijus bday I was calling him. We were in the signal ,I was thinking something and my eyes were on my sandals . When jiju picked the phone I said “Hello” and the guys standing next to the rick peeped inside. I looked up and my heart said “ulalalala”. Yeah there were those two RF brothers. They peeped in and I peeped out. Sad thing was we couldn’t build that eye contact which is must for love at second sight. But I felt both must have seen me. Thank god I was sitting on Loly’s lap. If they would have seen her they must have said “bro look at that babes, she is really hot”. With my meatless bones I look like sudan salve. Its obvious no one notices me. Whatever I was lucky that day. When we reached home I told Loly “hence forth I am not gonna miss Sunday mass and will sit on your lap.” She said “ohh so you gonna talk to them?” I said “I don’t know may be not”. She said “so you will follow this “crush-admire-no-talk” rule”. I said “maybe”

This Sunday I was over excited. I reached the church. Mass was over. When I came out I saw those two RF brothers. Sad thing was one Rf bro had little hair on his head and I couldn’t see other Rf bros face I saw only his ass which was quiet big. The Rf bro whose face I saw looked in my direction. I am not sure whether I was looking at me or my G-gang. When those RF brothers walked away I showed my G-gang RF brothers. Rf bros reached their Rf and were above to leave. PU looked in their direction and said “Which one? Rider or the guy seated behind?” I was confused so I looked at them again. At the same time less hair guy looked in our direction. I looked at him. Pu said “not bad. But what you will do if they have only one RF?”. I said “hmmmm as if they gonna take me out on date”.

My heart missed its beat. Date with a cool guy on Rf sounds damn cool. Now I am confused whether I should take the initiative and ask him out which I never did so far or sit and admire his bike and him on Sundays…

 To be continued


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