Moral Of the Story

Posted: February 6, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Horrible experiences, over excited friends are with you then you will definatly get fame. Trust me you will be notorious.


My G-gang includes PU, Loly, akki, arpitha, karen.  As Karen is required in US she has taken leave for a while. Other day rests of the G-members were travelling in Metro. As they didn’t get the seat few were standing. As all are mangloreans they were talking in Konkani. Censored, uncensored, silly, serious everything they were talking. Along with them one guy was travelling. For the time being we call him as “Stranger”. When he suddenly started clicking pic Akki said “Look at him, guess today he came from his village”. All laughed. They continued talking this and that. In the next stop few got seat next to the guy. When Arpitha was about sit on Loly’s lap the guy said in Konkani “sit here” and gave them his seat.  Imagine how you will feel when you talk about a person seated next to you some language assuming that the person doesn’t know and later the person responds to you in the same language. Awful! The awful story didn’t end there. It got worse last Sunday. After the mass we came out to meet Chinna (ex-G member) I talked to her and said hi to her hubby. Her hubby, (I call him “Relative) was busy talking to someone. When I saw PU and Loly both were hiding behind the pillar. They said “oh man. Its him!!!!The Stranager”. I asked them what’s the matter and they narrated me the whole story with the ending “thank god you were not there with us that day”. I was laughing.

When the Stranger left we all asked “Relative” in unison “what did he say”. Relative said “He said that he know that you guys are from Mangaloreans”. Everybody relaxed. Pu said “May be the code word we used he didn’t understood”.

Moral of the story never talk in mother tongue assuming nobody knows it.

Over excited

Yesterday my cousin had invited us to her house for lunch. As rest of the G-members were absent only  me,  Pu and Loly had been there.  As soon as we reached Loly started opening each and everything and say in her bubbly voice “what’s this? What’s this?”. She even opened the cooker on the gas and said “what’s this?” My cousin said “are you mad? Or are you drunk? That’s the cooker on the gas. Thank god I kept it just now”. Loly said “Sorry I didn’t see the gas”

Moral of the story never be over excited.


Saturday me and Pu had been out. As there was sale in Shoppers stop we had been there. I purchased a top. When I was billing she escaped to KFC. When I came out I told her “its worth paying 200Rs for that top”. She said “you paid only 200rs?” I said “yes”. She said “show me the bill”. When she saw the bill she said “will go there again after having Zinger burger”. We went to KFC ordered Zinger burger. When she saw the burger she realized there’s’ no cheese. She said “should I go and ask why they didn’t out cheese?” I said “you have my burger”. When she was having forcibly she put one cheese piece in my mouth and said “I am master in making everyone embarrassing in public”.

When we came out she said “will go to Shoppers Stop again. Even I wanna buy that top”. When she was billing I said”For plastic they will charge extra”. She said “I don’t wanna plastic you have one right will manage”. I said “no ways, I am not giving my plastic to you”. She said “will see what you will do”. When she was still on the queue I went out took my plastic and started walking. Pu came out with the top in her hand. When she saw me she started running. Even I started running. People were standing and watching us. For the first time I didn’t care. I increased my speed. Finally she caught me and put her top in my plastic. I said “Never poke me babes. I can be real bad person”.

Moral of the story

Never be over confident


Overall moral of the story

Without Good friends around life is boring, pathetic

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