My few tips for V-Day

Posted: February 7, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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When February is near all I can think about is Feb 14 and eye poking red colors in the shop. There’s a story behind Feb 14th. Valentine was a priest and he used to help the couple get marry when marriage was banned in their locality. On February 14, 269 A.D. he died for helping the loved one get marry .To honor his great deed people decided to celebrate that day as Valentine ’s Day. That’s the two sentence story if you want it in detail “Google” is your target.

When I read priest valentines story I decided even I can help the guys/gals to butter their dream gal/guy. May be I don’t know much about love between 2 opposite sex but definitely I know little bit of love. If you are searching for a time pass love, pay-my-bill and i-will-marry-family-liked-guy then back off.

If not yet proposed but madly in love

If you are a gal/guy and you are in madly in love with guy/gal then this is not the right time to propose. But you can ask her/him out on date may be multi cuisine restaurant. If you are a gal, student and asking guy out then remember you have to pay the bill. So flick some 1000rs from dads and bros valet. If you are a guy, student then dare you touch your sister purse. I hate chicken hearted guys. Directly ask with your dad and say “taking your future daughter-in-law out want some money, buddy”. If he says know then dude flick more money then you needed. Old man need to teach a lesson.

Important note: You should drop some clues here and there which indicate you love her/him. If she/he doesn’t give a damn then don’t waste your money on her/him. Instead call the pizza guy, order for delicious pizza, pay the bill and give my address for home delivery for saving your money.

If you are a guy when you are dropping her after dinner just hold her hand squeezed and say “ I loved it”.

If you are a gal then blink your eyes in more beautiful way outside the restaurant before leaving and say “I had lovely time”

I said don’t propose on this day because thousand of couples will be doing the same thing. He/she might think valentines fever made you do that.

Madly in love already proposed

Guy/gal madly in love already proposed but not yet married then make that day very special.

Guys can gift her nice dress which she can wear it for the dinner. Gal should select it and guy have to pay. Gals can gift many things but I recommend gift him David off’s “Champion”. Trust me on your next bday you will defiantly get Platinum ring.

Please note: Select some rare place. Gal/guy has to remember the “valentines” day throughout her life. So make it very special. Creativity, love, flowers should be seen everywhere. So it’s ok if you have to pay 25rs for a single rose. I pity you if you decide to decorate whole place with roses. If you are on budget then purchase rose buds 4 days before Feb 14 and take care of them.

Take him/her for candle light dinner. Before that send her/him 1000 of love notes copied from Google.

After the dinner anyways guy has to drop the gal till her house, so dude use some mouth freshener. Don’t ask me what’s that’s for.

If you are married then sit at home, order some pizza, red wine and watch some romantic bollywood movie. I don’t have tips because you are already with your Mr/Mrs right.

Hope my tips are useful. I feel in my previous birth I was that priest Valentine “the-wedding-maker”. I got to know now why I am still single:)

  1. Deekshith Shetty says:

    good one 🙂
    Guys After reading SNL tips Think twice k !!! ALL D BEST 4 all 🙂


  2. Vandy says:

    Awesome topic Syl!


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