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Posted: February 8, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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To be a famous photographer you should have extraordinary talent, creativity and awesomeness. Dude you should be romantic too. Only problem is you should be ready with your camera 24/7/365 to capture the best shot. Here’s a guy whom I know indirectly for ages. Because of him I got more than 70 “likes” and 100’s of comments/compliments for my pic. Trust me you should try “Vivek studio” in Mangalore. Yesterday I saw “Vivek Studio” profile in FB. Wow!!Pics are awesome. I “liked” and commented on most of the pics. Hope they wont block me after seeing my comments.

Vivek Studio is quiet famous in Mangalore . Children to oldies go there and click pics. Mr. Vivek Sequeira clicks pics in all possible angles starting from 0 degree to 360 degrees. He tells you to tilt your head little bit for right side, relax and smile before even you blink he clicks . His wedding pics are just superb. Bride and groom drenched in beach, on rock, on cycle, on bike, on boat, with knife, with wrestling gloves are classic.

Being a creative person he thinks differently. Earlier I used to see the wedding pics in daijiworld and say “even I wanna get married”.  I don’t think I have to write more about him or about his work. You can check his site in face book

In future if I lost job in IT field, if I won’t be able to be a successful writer then I will surely join Vivek Studio. Starting may be I have to be his helper. Whatever I feel it will be lots of fun to work with such a creative person.

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