Posted: February 9, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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I love dogs from my childhood. As my niece wanna be Snl, even she loves dogs. Being a dog person I hate cats. Wonder what my niece will do when she sees one.

Even we had cats at home but I never liked them except one. Whole day they will sing same song “meow meow”. The cat I liked was very naughty. We used to call her billu. I don’t know from where my mom bought her. But she was damn smart. She used to walk on the rod put over the well. She used to sit there and watch the fish. Boy she had guts. Once while walking on the rod she fell inside. Fortunately she was alive. My dad used his brains and somehow he got her up.  As time passed everyone started liking her, especially me. As Ancy was no there she was my best buddy. I used to play with her the game “irritate-scratch”. I used to irritate her and she used to scratch me. I guess twice my dad made me take tetanus injection when he saw those bloody scratches on my hand. Whatever the cat loved me. Night she used to sleep on my bed.

Even though Billu  is no more I do have her love scratches on my nose. I still remember the day when I got up and held the cat. I said “good morning Billu”. As a token of love she scratched my nose. She might have said in her mind “back off lady, I am having my migraines’”. Wound was small but later it became big. It turned into ring worm. Yak, how I wanted to strangle her to death.

When I was in 5th standard there was a cat in our bath room. I blocked the way thinking I am gonna cath her. Cat looked straight into my eyes which said “I am gonna escape”. I was determined to catch her. When I took 2 steps cat jumped over my head and I screamed “haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

I remembered my cat after a long time because “Boxer hero” has one. Whenever he comes down the cat will come down whit him. Sometimes when his daughters come to fill the water even the cat will come. They held her in their hands and cuddle her. When I see that lazy kitten I get an urge to pinch cats ear and twist its tail. Seriously if given a chance I will put her in pillow cover and turn her 360degree. Those things I used to do all kittens. I sound like psychopath but I am not. I don’t kill them; I just pinch them and wake up their wild side. I used to torture them like hell. Sometimes while cuddling they say “do you want to hold her?” Even though I want to say no I say sure and take her in my hands. When I see that sleepy kitten I want to spank her ass and say “there are so many rats and cockroaches can’t you try to kill them?” I forgot to tell her name its “browny”. Whenever that browny comes down gulum gulum lady comes out of her room and say “oh my love, how are you today?” When I can’t take it anymore I run to my room, close the door and listen to song. Then she say “Doctor, she looks very week. You have to give her supplementary food. You have to feed her fish”. When boxer hero hears that he says “FISH!!! No ways I can’t. I am never gonna non-veg food into my house”. When I hear that I just laugh and laugh thinking about the fish, chicken I had in that room. Gulum gulum lady continues then “cats are wild animal…bla bla”. Then she calls “browny…browny….”.IF she can’t find her she runs like a school gal and everywhere calling her name.

So far nothing happened to that browny. I can’t guarantee that browny is safe in my area. Have some plans to torture her. Lets see when I get the chance

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