I was Terrified

Posted: February 10, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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It was mid day when fighter jet’s belonging to Germany started flying over China border. I was over a hill with other people belonging to my tribe collecting the wood. Whenever I see fighter jet I remember war. I thought possibility of war is 5% in the modern world. But still I kept looking at the sky. People around me didn’t move either. As we were froze watching the play of jets, soldier came to nowhere with the gun in their hand. I was terrified looking at their size. Oh yeah, I was terrified. I never  seen so huge and commanding  male. I tried to move but a soldier pointed his gun between the valley of my stair case to heaven and said “don’t even think about it”. That’s the time I realized it’s a war. Germany soldier looked really violent. I was terrified thinking about what’s gonna happen next. I have seen in movies what a bad soldier can do. I looked around. Few soldiers were forcing  people to move to a place. When I tried to move the soldier standing next to me told “not you honey”. I was sweating as if it’s summer, my heart was beating fast really fast anticipating whats gonna happen next. I was wondering what they gonna do with those people. Before even I close my eyes I heard machine gun go wild with its bullets. People I knew were lying in the blood. When soldier looked my terrified face he said “you are lucky. Not gonna die that way”. I know what exactly he meant. Some more people were bought to the same place. With them was this officer who looked so cruel. He said something in German to all soldiers and looked at me. The soldier near me smiled and winked at me. Again the machine gun was in action. Officer looked in my direction and said “I am dead tired of this Chinese. Don’t disappoint me”. And laughed which roared in the silent surrounding. I know my turn will come soon. My heart beat was increasing by passing every minute; I could hear drum sound in my ear.

When the officer was satisfied killing those innocent he came to me. The soldier pointing the gun to me moved aside giving the officer some space. He came closer to me and looked into my eyes. When he saw fear in them he laughed with satisfaction. When I couldn’t bear his laughter i closed my ears. Rests of the soldiers were busy observing me. Officer became quiet; he came even closer to me and tore my white top. I heard more laughter. How i wanted to die. I stood there in middle of those cannibal Germans in my white slip and black ¾. I covered my self with my hands. Officer told me to remove my hand and I held it more tightly. He slapped me tightly across my face. My lip started bleeding. He traced his dirty finger across my cheek and said “I love Chinese females, they are so fragile”. Tears were rolling down my cheek. Nobody gave a damn about it. Officer said something in german and one soldier came front with cigarette. All were absorbed in searching the lighter. I thought this is the only chance I got.Before even i know what I am doing I started running to the edge and jumped……..

When I woke up for the alarm sound I could still hear my violent heart beat. I looked around and relaxed a bit that I was in my pg. I had a nightmare in which I was playing cute little Chinese gals’ role. I never understand why my dreams are so bad. Hoping that at least this Valentine’s Day “saint valentine” will bless me with a sweet romantic dream

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