Happy “V-day”

Posted: February 14, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Its “V” day and all I am doing is yawning and yawning. While my best buddy waiting for a call from oversea. She said “babes he will call right?” I blinked seeing the Google theme and said “he might”. She was bit disappointed when she heard “Might”. She said “last year he had called me”. I said “Then he will”. She was happy and sent me this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWWDm9x48ak. When I heard the lyrics I felt I need a whiskey shot.

I don’t know exactly what lovers do on this day other than exchanging gifts, cutie cutie messages and hot kisses. May be few take courage and propose the gal, as a result get beaten by gals brother or beau, few continue admiring gal next door while his friends encourage him saying “dude, go and propose her”, few roam hand in hand all around the city, eat ice-cream, corn and chats, few wear red inside and outside and tell silently “I am in love”, few comment on people who were red “she wore red, maybe she is committed”, few chase the couples, some couple drink tender coconut with one straw and finally people like me see the expensive gifts exchanged between the couples and say “Hope even I had a bf”. Having someone who loves you, cares you, always there for you when you need him/her m and always pays your bill makes you so lucky.

Whatever I wish you all “Happy V-Day”. Those who gonna propose “all the best”, those who are already couple congrats, those who want some tips please mail me , those who are single keep your fingers crossed. You never know when you will be swept away by a RF rider or a horse rider.

  1. loly says:

    Happy Valentines day my darling 🙂 🙂 Muahh muahh


  2. sylvia says:

    Happy “v-day” to you…muah muah tooo…but i am straight babes:)


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