Love can happen…….

Posted: February 15, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Some say love happens at the first sight. I just wonder whether it’s possible. May be or may not be. So I did a my so called SnL study on all possible scenarios

When gals get clean bold to the guy

  1. May be when gal sees the guy without shirt, only in his shorts brushing his teeth at 9.00 in the morning. Definitely gal will miss her beat.
  2. May be when guy wears short sleeves shirt, exposes cover in ball like mussels and rides bike.
  3. May be when the guy takes his mom to market to buy the vegetables. Gal sees and says “wowow so responsible”.
  4. May be when he gives rs10 to a guy begging in the bus stop and says “have some idly, vada”
  5. May be when he smiles
  6. May be when he wears his checks shorts and jogs with his head phones on
  7. May be when he cracks sensible jokes. Gals hate pj crackers.
  8. Maybe when he rides his RF with his younger brother with helmet on.
  9. When he becomes the president of the college
  10. When gal sees nice profile pic in FB

When the guy becomes slave to a gal

  1. When he sees her in her micro mini shorts/skirt exposing her fully waxed legs. I also noticed that face is the last place which guys see. First they see that, then ass, legs and then face
  2. When she dresses traditionally in sari exposing her naval. Guys go ghee ghee
  3. When she leave their hair freely which flies all over their face and gal tries to control her hair
  4. When she acts lady like sensible.
  5. When she doesn’t mingle with all guys.
  6. When she doesn’t take control of the situation
  7. When she fights with her brother with all energy
  8. When she wears 3/4 and rides her pink scooty with pink helmet on
  9. When her mouth is closed. Other words when she talks less
  10. When she acts dumb
  11. When she blinks her eyes continuously
  12. When she dances for the college function.

My SnL study taught me a lesson. Love at first sight can happen. IF you are destined to be a victim of cupid arrow then love can happen at second, third….infinite sight. Or may be never


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