Free Gyan about CAT’s

Posted: February 16, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

When I reach my pg dead tired I get free gyan of cats and their shit. Even though I close my door still the gyan flows in my direction. Why tom cat don’t lift their leg and pee, why cat cover their shit with mud, how cats mate, how to sterilize them. Even though last but one sounds interesting I never bother to listen to them. Its so annoying to listen about animal which you don’t like. Yesterday the cat entered my room without my knowledge. I just stared at it. It didn’t give a damn. It climbed my bed and started taking rounds. I said “be careful you ^%$#”. Suddenly it started biting my laptop. I just slapped the cat right and left. It stopped for a while and ran away. I feel it will think 20 times before entering my room. Next time will dip its tail in hot water!!!!!!I really sound like psycho.

When I hear the compliment “you are a good TT player” I get wings and start flying. TT was only one game which didn’t play in my high school. I didn’t know how to serve. But now I am expert. As I am on bench most of the time I will be in cafeteria playing TT with total strangers. There are few admirers who compliment me when play. I love it. Today I went to order samosa and the guy said “you play really well”.  I was on cloud number 9. I know most of the people must have observed me playing full time with concentration.

As per now I am enjoying TT with little bit fear. You see when they start to fire; people on the bench will be the first one to clean up their desk. My gut feeling also says that any project manager will think twice before projecting me into their project.

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