Posted: February 17, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Other day I was alone, sad in my room. God appeared (pure fictional) in white gown and blue shawl and said “babes, what are you thinking?”

I said “Dude, I am 2# But still I am single. When you created me you were in hurry I guess. My nostrils are quite big like PVC pipe, eyes are spoilt by system, legs are short and feet are like elephant. I can’t wear fancy sandals like other gals. I do have some sun burn marks on my back because of which I can’t wear backless and I am short. My hair is like dry grass, it never looks pretty. I have so many scars on my face and my most of the teeth have cavity. The important things which gal should have………

God closed his ears and said “It’s the way I wanted you to be. I didn’t want you to resemble someone. You are unique”.

I said “cut the crap dude, I am not buying it”.

God said “let’s go for a walk”.  We both started walking towards the beach.

God said “you should have been in heaven, there are many handsome male angels”.

I said “no thank you. Handsome guy’s requirements are reaching the sky”.

God said “ok, lets talk something else”

I said “Yo bro, between did you read my article in daijiworld? I got 40 comments for it!!!”.

God looked at the disappearing ship and said “sorry babes, was busy with my work so couldn’t read. Today will definitely read”.

I said “it’s ok dude, it’s not there in the Home page now. It will survive”.

God stopped me right there and said “you sound as if you have lost interest”. He held my hand and said “tell me how I can make you happy?”

I said “Can you increase my salary? “

God looked straight into my eyes and said “money cant buy happiness”.

I said “but it can buy vegetables”.

God said “may be, but …”

I said “no buts dude…..if you wanna survive then you should have money”.

God said “I tell you one story”.

Few years ago angel in heaven found one more place similar to heaven. It was really nice place. Fruits flowers were everywhere. The place was more beautiful than heaven”.

I said “dude that must be another planet. May be Jupitar”.

God said “stop talking l”. He continued with his story. Angel Eira was not ready to accept the fact that no living creature exists in that place so he kept on searching. Days passed, night passed but he never stopped. After a month one fine morning he found one small butterfly which was trying to fly out of its cocoon. You see it was Eira’s HOPE that kept him going.

I said “What a boring story dude. Instead of butterfly it should have been a female angel, then story would have been more interesting”.

God said “but babes It was HOPE which kept him going”.

I said “give me HOPE Joanna…”

God said “will you stop mocking me”

I said “cool dude I am just singing a song”.

Again I start singing the song “give me HOPE..”

When I turned aside God was gone

I called him “dude where you are? Please come back. Don’t live me and go…please….Dude. I will not sing I promise”

I watched the waves hitting the shore and said to myself “Let me see where this HOPE takes me”

  1. shilpa says:

    Extra cool babes… Finally.. god also cant escape from u…


  2. dramahater says:

    I have commented over phone. So remember them…. btw- for the benefit of the rest, 7/10


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