You Are Still SINGLE!!!!!

Posted: February 20, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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I guess three times continuously failed in SSLC won’t be stressed like me. Many people keep on reminding me that I am 2? And I was supposed to be happily/unhappily married by now. It’s so annoying.

Yesterday I met one of my buddies-bf online. I asked him when you guys are getting married. He said “as soon as you get married”. I thought now people use it like a phrase “Not to worry till SnL gets married”. Then he said “I can be a good match maker. I have many catholic friends”. He kept on sending guys names and I kept on checking their profile pic. I felt there is no harm in checking some strange guys profile pic.

I have a cousin who is of same age. Even they are searching a gal for him. He is an eligible bachelor but still no luck. Other day when we were chatting I asked him “when you are getting married”. He said “Don’t know, But until you are not married I am not worried”. I said “why you keep on saying that?” so he said “You are simply awesome”. Sometimes I cant understand. People mock me or they take me as an e.g. to stay single.

Other day Loly called and said ““%$$## Dsouza”, check his profile and tell me how he”. I said “as if he will consider my opinion”. She said “Shut up and tell me did you like the guy?” I said “FB is blocked. Can you send the screen shot?” Within 2 second I got screen shot of guy’s profile. I said”Man, the guy got moustache and its like porcupine”. She said “I knew it you gonna say that. Listen the guy is really good and he will keep you like queen”. I chuckled and said “I hate kings with moustache”.

Yesterday I called my mom. She said “did you meet anyone?” As my family members know that I don’t like “You are 2? When you are getting married?” they rephrased the sentence to “did you meet someone?” I said “come on. Stop asking me that. I am bugged up. I may take celibacy”. She waited for a while and said “May be I should dream of younger-daughter-in-law”. I said “stop it. If you force me I will join convent”. She smiled and said “ok, I don’t have problem. Before this July you have to join”.  I thought people cant see me happy.

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