Curiosity KILLS SnL

Posted: February 21, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Whenever I see something good and the owner deserves a compliment I never disappoint him/her. Few days back my friend forwarded me a story. Which was forwarded to her by her friend and so on. I read the story and became addicted to it. You see some stories are like drugs. You wanna know what happens next. At the end of chapter 2 “to be continued” was mocking me. Oh man I didn’t had that much patience. I decided to mail the stranger for begging for rest of the story, who was forwarded the mailed to my friend’s friend. Mean while I forwarded that story to Pu. Lets call the stranger as “SLS”. SLS mailed me saying “nice to see you are waiting for the rest of the story. Have to check my inbox. Any ways will send you”. I got few more chapters of the story. I forwarded to PU. But the eagerness to know what happens next caused pain in my ass .Even PU went through the same pain. As PU is born and bought up in GOOGLE. Within 2 minutes she Goggled the whole story and sent me the link. If you have time please read

. I promise you 100 love-in-air,romance,its just awesome story. Ending: Preethi marries Rahul, sad ending. Sorry it’s my bad habit I tell the ending first. Because of this habit PU stopped watching movies with me.

After reading the story my hormones went wild thinking about sad ending. I mailed “SLS” saying ending is pathetic. To be honest I didn’t understood the ending first. My assistant PU explained me the ending in few lines. When I got to know that my foul brain failed to understand the ending I felt guilty for sending “SLS” sad mail. Again I drafted a mail to “SLS” saying “sorry, forgot to understand the story. Do you know the writer?”. SLS replied saying “he is my buddy. Do you wanna meet him?” I thought to myself “I am too old for that”. I said “no thank you, anyways tell him story is pretty cool”. And yeah I did send her my blog link. I thought it will be really nice to do some publicity you see. Anyway my blog is half dead without readers. To my surprise “SLS” replied saying “Snl, nice blog….bla bla bla….all compliments”. Trust me I was on cloud no 10.

If you still have time after reading my blog do read:

Ending : prachi married Mayank, happy ending. I already gave suggestions to the author to publish a book containing love-pain-fight. You see public never forgets sad endings. Now I am scared “who will read my blog if he writes few more love-maniac stories”

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